Astral Interface is a software based radionics instrument optimized for a single objective, manifesting Intention. It is based around the 'magnetron' symbol used in radiesthesia. This pattern has been determined by pendulum analysis to focus Psionic energy into the center circle, which functions as the "specimen well" or "witness plate" used in classical radionics. With a physical radionics box the patient's "witness", an energetic link such as a lock of hair, is placed upon the contact plate, but here you will be taping it directly to your computer screen over the center circle in the magnetron symbol.

The effectiveness of this strategy was predicted from the discovery made by early investigators of the Hieronymus machine that a symbolic diagram of the device focuses Intention the same as an actual physical model. Astral Interface is the first software based radionics instrument that uses an actual physical witness this way.

Astral Interface is more than just a visual representation of a radionics device, it actually has symbolic 'virtual circuitry' embedded beneath the surface. This principle has been used elsewhere to embed subliminal sigils into web pages to draw off energy from the visitors that view it, but here it is used to channel the psionic energy of the operator to perform consciously directed radionics work. Astral Interface is the only software program employing the principle in this constructive way.

Physical radionics instruments give feedback to the operator by means of a 'stick pad' or pendulum. Astral Interface uses a variation of the 'flat pyramid' symbol to concentrate a sample of the energy from the interaction of Target and Intention to a point in front of the screen where it can be monitored by pendulum as with a physical radionics device. Again, Astral Interface is the first software based radionics instrument to do this. 

Next, instead of setting numerical rates on knobs like a physical device, or loading graphical symbols as other software programs do, Astral Interface makes use of an "audio sigil" (not "signal") to manifest the Intention stored in the text entry box. 

Next, the MindWave function, using a high frequency carrier to stimulate the psychic center in the brain. Each time you click the MindWave button a near ultrasonic signal fires through your speakers. You should only use this once, at the beginning of your session, or else you may get the so-called "third eye" headaches. But if you use it just once at the start of your session, there will be a gradual build up of your psychic faculties over time. It goes without saying that again, Astral Interface is the first radionics program to incorporate such a daring process. 

Next is the PSI field generator, based on the observation that experienced users were able to use the MindWave as a carrier wave for their Intentions. In PSI Field the wave's characteristics have been softened for continuous use with only beneficial side effects to operator and target.

Also new is the ability to paste an enquirer's own words directly into the magnetron symbol as the energetic link to them. This has proven to be an effective technique, so much so that users of other software began trying to immitate it mere days after it was first publicly discussed. 

Now how to use the program:

1. Tape the radionic "witness" over the witness plate (the center circle in the magnetron symbol). This can be anything from a lock of a client's hair to a photo representing the person, place, or thing you wish to act upon. Alternatively you can copy and paste the Target's own words directly into the center circle, or load a picture of the person which you have saved as a BMP file and placed in the C:\MAGNUS\targets folder. The "Witness" button is used to switch between physical, text-based, and graphical Witness modes.

2. Click the MindWave button ONE TIME, and do NOT use headphones. Due to the high frequency you may not actually hear the signal while it is cycling.

3. Type your intention into the "Send Intention" box, *ignoring* everything you were ever taught about how to phrase your intention. You want the first thought stream representing your Intention that flashes across your mind's eye as you consider your objective. This will almost certainly be just a brief sentence fragment, not 6 lines of carefully constructed prose.

4. It is assumed that you are able to get simple 'yes' or 'no' answers from a pendulum. Dowsing in front of the square "flat pyramid" symbol, verify that you have entered the intention you really want. When ready, click "send" ONE TIME. Check with your pendulum for agreement first if you are thinking of clicking again. Treat a psionic session like a homeopathic remedy, do not administer a second one until the first one stops producing change.

5. Now close the program and go about your life. If you do not notice change taking place in your life here is what to do. Start the program, and click MindWave while considering the barriers to your Intention. Next enter these barriers into the center circle one after another until your pendulum indicates which is the primary one blocking your efforts. Then enter possible solutions into the Intention box until your pendulum indicates the Intention to use against the barrier. Over time you can work through many of your concerns this way, watching for the opportunities that are generated by your work as you go about your normal life, while your faculties of perception increase day by day through the effects of the MindWave. Soon you may be functioning on a higher psychic plane from which today's issues are no longer even a concern.

6. Remote Influence with the PSI field generator. When your objective is continuous influence rather than a decisive impulse use the PSI Field generator. This outputs a continuous signal for situations requiring extended attention from the operator. Very interesting to use when your Target is in your immediate vicinity and responses to the program can be directly observed, but usually used for remote targets.

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