Advanced Psychic Seduction Addendum

Hyper Mental Techniques for Seduction

The Remote Viewing Seduction ™

The transference of the mind into another body is possible in very relaxed states. There is a science behind this, and it is called remote viewing.

Remote viewing had been used extensively by Russian scientists to locate missing persons, dredge up nuclear subs and identify missile silos. The development of this advanced psychic technology had received tremendous attention because of the potential economic and military gains.

Remote viewing, once mastered, easily endows individuals with unsurpassed powers. Imagine, you could physically see secrets transpiring behind locked rooms and events going on in opposite ends of the globe! Remote viewing empowers you to temporarily transfer your consciousness to another place, preferably in another body, in order to remotely access sights, sounds and sensations.

For purposes of seduction, this book adapts remote viewing strategies to influence the thoughts of your target, without being physically present. Whether he or she is in the next room or in the next continent, your influence will be strongly felt. Of all the tactics in this book, this strategy allows you to experience the emotions that your target may be feeling at the moment.

The methodology comprises of simple steps that require minimum effort to master. Practice the steps at least eight times to ensure that your brain gets used to the sensations.  

1. Lie down perfectly still with your arms at your sides and your legs uncrossed. You must access the theta state either through the Corrector Method or the Color Entrainment technique.

2. When all outside sounds appear to have faded away, you will first picture in your mind’s internal field of vision the entire body of your target. See him or her in full three dimension. As you gaze at the body, create a globe of purple energy (it is an extremely spiritual vibration) which enshrouds both of you. Allow the energy to permeate both of your bodies and cause both of you to vibrate at the same frequency. See her expression of calm and peace.

3. Start to recreate her surroundings imagine a physical environment around both of you. The accuracy need not coincide with her reality.

4. Force your consciousness out of your imagined body and into your target’s. You are now in her, looking out from your eyes. See your body from her eyes. See your surroundings from her body. Feel that you are now HER. If the link is strong, your imagined surroundings will disappear and reappear, forming the actual surroundings where she is currently at. Wait a minute and try to access your emotions and feelings that you know to be hers. You must attempt to get into synch with her true reality. You will find yourself bombarded with different alien sensations.

5. Once you feel that you are truly her, gaze at YOUR body which you left behind. Look at it, and imagine yourself falling in love with your image. Feel yourself yearning and desiring for your body. Walk over to your body in her body and hug yourself. Feel a rush of intense emotions. Automatically, you will create strong feelings of desire in the real person…strong desires for YOU!

6. You can remain in this created reality for about 20 to 30 minutes, but no longer because your target’s mind will begin to resist your influence. Depart immediately to waking state when you feel that you have created a very strong connection.

Psychic Handshake ™

There is a tantric secret used by masters of seduction to psychically seduce others through a mere handshake!

Before you go out into the world, open your hand and stare at your palm. Rub your palm until it turns red. Now visualize the glowing ball of energy in your palm. This is your palm chakra. Imagine it whirling counterclockwise and spewing out rivulets of light. You can wait for 2 minutes, then mentally TEAR it open. Feel a crackling and tearing sensation. You have activated your chakra.

Imagine red and pink ribbons of energy streaming into your chakra. Your hand will actually throb and turn very red. If it doesn’t, something must be very wrong with you.

Allow energy to continuously surge into your hand. As you do so, imagine the energy to be very sexual, very virile. If you wish, you can imagine the energy streaming from hundreds of thousands of vaginas and penises around the world. Your hand transforms into a sexual magnet.

Eventually, the energy flow will ebb and your hand will refuse to absorb anymore. At that point, gaze intently at your hand and command it to draw desire from whomever it touches. In your mind, energize a picture of women (or men) falling in love with you the moment they shake your hand. When you feel that you have sufficiently created the thoughtform, raise your hand to the sky and picture blue cylinders of light flooding in and locking in your command and your energies in your palm. The blue light prevents extreme energy leaks and allows your hand to remain "seductive" for about six hours.

Take your hand to war. When you shake hands, feel and imagine your prospect writhing in sexual pleasure. You must KNOW inside that they feel great attraction towards you. Feel confident that desire ignites with even the slightest touch. Whenever you do this, your palm automatically recreates a sexual energy field and incites arousal within the other person.

Magic Candle Spell

Candles properly charged with psychic energy can weave spells of attraction. There is a simple spell you can use to generate bursts of desire. The effects are not very long lasting; nevertheless, you can use it for your own entertainment.

The procedure calls for a simple pink candle, a little bit of kerosene and a lighter. Hold the candle to your forehead and imagine your body absorbing tremendous red-tinged energy from the earth. Feel the energy flood up your legs, torso, arms and head. As you do so, channel the energy into the candle. Compel yourself to believe that the candle is your prospect’s vagina (if she is a girl) or his penis (if he is a guy). You are infusing the candle with a psychic link. Start to imagine that the candle acquires human qualities of softness and fleshy sensations. Grasp the candle tightly and believe within yourself that it has wholly and totally transformed into her genitals. You must KNOW it is her genitals.

Open your eyes and reverently breathe upon the candle, sprinkle its wick with kerosene. Close your eyes again and KNOW that you are about to cause your prospect to explode into orgasm. Open your eyes and light the candle. As the wick flares up, picture your prospect throb in excitement for just 3 seconds, then BANISH all thoughts from your mind. Throw away the candle and think no more of the session. You have released tremendous energy which cause her to get strongly attracted to you.

Now is the perfect time to reach the telephone.

Pentagram Spell ™

Creating reality from thoughts can be a tall order, but if you infuse enough ki energy into it, it will happen.

There is a technique, called the Pentagram Spell that draws on tremendous amounts of chi over a span of 1 month, and if done right, it will grant you a wish. You will discover the success rate of this system to exceed your expectations.

Pentagram Spell - To create reality from thought, using energy

First know exactly WHAT you want. Create a *sentence of desire*, a very specific sentence of your wish detailing who, what, where, when, and why.

*For instance, "I wish for $1M, tax free, delivered TO ME with no strings attached on May 15,2001"*

That is your wish, and now, we will translate that into symbols that will draw contiuous (ki/chi/pranic) energy for one month. Remember, without energy, nothing can occur. Your car can’t run. The oven won’t burn. Your magick will not work.

You will now get a large piece of paper and draw a 5 pointed star on it. At the top of the star draw a symbol for "I". The top of the star symbolizes WHO gets the wish. It can also symbolize who or what is the target of your magic influence. Go clockwise. At the next point is the "what" section." What exactly are you wishing for. Since you are wishing for $1M tax free, you can draw a dollar bill with broken chains to symbolize money with no catches. In psionic language, the "what" section is the trend, or the instruction given to a spell. This is what you want to happen!

At the the next point, is the "where" section. Draw a symbol of your house because you want the money delivered to your home. The where section dictates where the ki energy should create the reality you desire.

At the next point is the "when" section. Draw a calendar with the exact date when you want the event to occur. The when section is important because your energies will gather force to manifest your wish on this exact date.

At the last point of the star, is the "WHY" section. In symbols, write WHY you think you are deserving of this wish. You can reason that this wish will help you be of better service to your fellow man. In that case, draw a pillar supporting the world. Remember that entities other than ourselves exists. There are angels, demons and spirits. Should one be passing by and desirous to assist you, your rationale for casting the spell will determine its decision to help you.

Now that you have created your pentagram, stare at it and be fully aware of what each and every symbol mean. Post the drawing on a place that you will see everyday, very frequently. Now stare at it, and in full tones, repeat the statement of your desire three times, and as you do so, go over the symbols as you intone each word. After the third repetition, run out of the room and don't think of it any longer.

Now, each day, as you pass by the drawing (the more frequent, the better), drink in the symbols with full intent and full meaning, understanding exactly what each one means. Each time you do this, you infuse your original intent with ki. This ki goes out into the world and acts to create reality out of your written thought.

After about a month, you will pass by the paper and you may discover a great repulsion from the paper. That means, that the paper is fully infused with power and ready to be finally released. When you feel that moment has arrived, stand before your paper and intone three times again, your statement of desire, and as you do so, look at each symbol and know what they mean. After the third intonation, throw your arms in the air, yell loudly, and feel a great release of energy from the symbols and the drawing, surging into the environment and finally creating a reality out of your thoughts. At this point, the drawing will feel empty and devoid of energy. That is because all intent and ki had finally left and is now actively manipulating reality according to your plan.

Burn up the drawing and wait in full expectation for the result on the exact day of your bidding. I've learned of this "magic spell" 10 years ago. I noticed a 100% effectiveness, from accelerating the growth of plants to fixing damaged friendships (for others), to healing diseaes, to creating attraction and receiving small, but tidy sums of income.

Cosmic Force Charging

A professional psychic, David St. Claire came across a simple technique of tapping into the Cosmic Forces in order to unleash great quantities of energy in order to effect a change in the environment. The Cosmic Force goes by many appellations. Christians call Him God. Buddhists call him Buddha. Scientists call him Intelligent Energy. To maintain religious neutrality, let us refer to the universal over-mind as the Cosmic Force. Atheists can disregard this section, but to their great disadvantage. From my field testing, this is the one technique that delivers results constantly.

Religious people normally communicate with God via prayer and if done right, prayers tend to be answered. There are many ways of wording your requests and heaping praises upon the Cosmic Force, but have you noticed that some people have their prayers answered more often than not? They have intuitively discovered the right manner of making requests.

There is a special technique of beseeching the Cosmic Force to have a petition granted. You will discover how easy it is to transform your life with just this technique alone. Once you apply this system to enrich your life, you will realize how indispensable it is for your day to day existence. Take note, however: the Cosmic Force technique cannot be used for iniquities. I recommend that your purposes be pure, and that you are deserving of your request. Do not expect the Cosmic Force to violate his own natural laws. It would be analogous to requesting God to worship other gods.

Memorize now, the following phrase:

I call upon the Cosmic Force (or God), and bring him into my being, requesting for strength, protection and guidance.

This is the magic phrase you have to use to tune into the frequency and energies of the Cosmic Force. Knowing this phrase is the first step to aligning yourself into the frequencies of the universal intelligence.

Now to the salient parts:

Stand straight, with feet shoulder width apart and your hands raised in supplication to the heavens. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and slowly ten times. At the tenth breath, inhale, and say, "I call upon the Cosmic Force, and bring him into my being" then pause, exhale, then proclaim, " and request for strength, protection and guidance." Throughout your proclamation, be very aware of the meanings of each word. You must realize the implications of the words strength, protection and guidance. If you merely gloss over the magic phrase mindlessly, the system will not work.

You will repeat the statement two more times, breathing as you do so. At the third statement, you will experience something out of the ordinary. Electricity may have coursed down your spine.

The earth may seem to shudder. Warmth or cold may have spread over your body. There is a reason for this.

By standing up, breathing, lowering your brain wave and proclaiming the magic phrase, you have naturally plugged yourself into the God-energies and gotten in synch . David St. Clair likens it to tuning into a radio station at a specific megahertz rating. Once you have aligned yourself with these higher energies, transmitting your needs to the Cosmic Force becomes easy.

An important point: it is not the magic phrase itself, but the thought and meaning behind the magic phrase that creates the link with Cosmic Force. Hence, great importance must be attached to the meaning. Feel and release the meaning of the magic phrase as you loudly proclaim it.

Creating the link with the Cosmic Force is the first half of the session. The second half is the part which may concern you the most: the petitions. In the stillness of your mind, request from the Cosmic Force exactly what you desire, where you need it, when you want it and why you are deserving of it. These elements are vital. As you speak, do so humbly and with a tone that you would use when conversing with an old friend. Avoid high faluting words and fancy appellations. As you make your petition, feel that your wish had already been granted. From there, you can terminate the session by thanking the Cosmic Force for past granted wishes. Cross your arms across your chest, as you see mummies do. According to David St. Claire, this releases the pent up energy.

Open your eyes. Your desire WILL be granted if you executed the technique to the letter, and bore a strong positive expectation.

Cosmic Telepathy

Telepathy, thought transference and emotional transmissions can be boosted by 100% with the Cosmic Force technique. Again, I urge you against any unethical deployment of this technique.

Do NOT use this system to seduce others into something against their will. It may backfire. Cosmic-charged telepathy demands very little effort and yields surprising results!

For purposes of illustration, assume that you desire Ms. Clarissa Wakefield to give you a date (This is a morally neutral request, and therefore permissible). Call the Cosmic Force into yourself with the previous method. Petition the Cosmic Force for intervention. You could request Him for a chance to meet your dream lady and that she receive you warmly. Make the request as detailed and fervent as possible. Mingle your emotions with positive expectations that your desire will be granted.

You have completed the first step. The next requires a bit of visualization.

With your eyes are still closed, breathe in deeply three times. As you do so, feel the rush of energy of the Cosmic Force infusing your being. Your body may begin violent shuddering, as though ice were pouring down your spine. You have powered up with an unlimited energy reservoir.

Now see the person before you. Put in as much three dimensional detail as you can. Perhaps, you can see her seated, in familiar surroundings. Now with your psychic hands, hold her head and see your thumbs lightly touch her forehead, preferably her third eye.

Look deeply into her eyes and tell her, "Clarissa Wakefield, this is (state your name). I have been thinking of you and I really want to meet you. Please go out with me. I’d love us to have fun together. You’d enjoy my company. We’d have fun together"

Repeat your message numerous times, full of emotion, steeped with intent. Don’t forget to mention your name in the beginning, as well as hers. This is to ensure that messages will not be mistaken.

While broadcasting your message, feel all the pent up energy cascading down your arms, to your hand, in into her head. The ki energy and cosmic energy that you send into your hallucination mingles with your real thoughts and cascades through space into the person you are actually trying to influence. These energies boost the telepathic thought 100% and guarantee that your message gets through, whatever she may be doing at the moment.

After some minutes, you will feel a repulsion of energy and a little voice will tell you that you’ve gotten through. At that point you can stop broadcasting.

Thank the Cosmic Force, cross your arms, open your eyes, and expect a phone call.

The Telepathic Cosmic Force technique is highly effective in other types of situations. Whether you seek a raise from your boss, you want your lover to be faithful or you wish to scare away an enemy, you simply have to word your emotionally charged message and send it off. If you can feel and see the message that you send, all the more powerful will be your transmission.

Don’t expect the telepathic transfer to be successful if you are sending messages that cannot be felt emotionally or seen visually. If you try to send, "The answer is 238912 times 3341 plus the square root of 8121" to your girlfriend who is taking an exam, you will be disappointed. There isn’t enough emotional and visual material that your mind can use to send this type of message.

I have attempted this technique over vast distances to convey snippets of emotions. The technique had never failed me yet.

Advanced Organ Heating™

This technique leverages the power of the two chakras, or power centers in your palms. Even though your target may not be before you, you will learn to unleash tremendous amounts of energy at his or her sexual organs and effect arousal.

Hold our your hands before you, palms facing together. As with the previous techniques, activate the two chakras by letting them whirl a bit and then mentally tearing them open. Will your palms to begin sucking in light and warmth around it. Allow five minutes of charging. Your palms should be burning red and throbbing.

Try to test that you have enough energy already. Chose one of your thighs. Place one palm on the left side of your thigh, and the other on the right side. Your thigh is now sandwiched between both palms (but don’t let your palms touch your thighs!). Release the energy into your thighs.

Essentially, you are double charging your thigh. As you pour on the energy, your thighs shall begin to quiver and heat up because of the opposite polarities of energy that comes from two directions. If your thighs heat up, that means you’ve done the previous steps perfectly. You can begin seduction.

Charge up your palms again for five minutes, then close your eyes. Now imagine that your target is standing before you, naked. You are facing her from her side, not her front. That means that you can see her shoulders, the side of her head and the side of her body. Now place one hand in front of her genitals, and one hand behind her genitals. Her genitals, like your thigh, are sandwiched between your palms.

Release the energy and see red, glowing light pour into her. As you do so, see the genitals heat up and acquire a glow. The genitals should throb visibly. See wetness. Within ten minutes, your energy will be totally released and she will be sufficiently aroused or attracted to you. Her thoughts will be bombarded with warm images of you. This is the perfect time to start a conversation. Give her a ring.

Some valued clients of Exceed International have modified the basic techniques contained in this manual. Testing and user commentaries have validated the effectiveness of these modifications. This last section discusses these special tactics.

Knell Young’s Eye Method

The Organ Heating Method may pose problems for those who cannot visualize the vagina. Knell proposes the following amendment:

Instead of using the hand to heat the target organ, link awareness of the third eye (the energy center directly between the physical eyes with the prospect’s clit. Close the eyes and imagine them to be pools of red water. Allow the eyes to flood the clit with a rush of heated red water. In time, the prospect’s physical clitoris will respond to the flood of energy and realize an arousal towards the operator.

Knell can be contacted at knellyoung@hotmail.com

Tim Gula’s Pitch Fork Method

Tim modified the Corrector method to rapidly access theta states. Attempts to cool down the corrector can be accomplished by envisioning a pitch fork embedded through the skull with a large, cold ice cube at the end. The imagery facilitates rapid constriction of blood vessels in the area, thereby lowering the brain temperature. Intense vibration of the body may be expected.

Tim can be contacted at TimGula@aol.com

Angel’s Phone Number

You can EASILY transmit your desire to be called by your prospect! Angel discovered that after accessing a very relaxed state, and conjuring a realistic 3D image of your target, you simply lean over to the ear of her ghost and whisper insistently that you wish to be called at your home number. If you do so with full intent and confidence, your prospect will return your call!

Angel can be contacted at angelwings21@msn.com

Massimo’s Clitoral Method

Massimo Tira mixed some principles of the Knell Young's Eye Method with the standard Organ Heating Techinique. Reasoning that the clitoris is easier to stimulate because is not as large an organ as the whole groin area (as Knell suggested), Massimo proposed that psychic organ heating can be accomplished much more rapidly by concentrating on a mental link created between the clit and the finger tip. The following are his suggestions:

1. Imagine the tip of the index finger as the girl's clitoris and then concentrate on it to make it warmer. As with the Organ Heating Method, you simply have to visualize heat surging into the index finger.

2. The index finger tip will eventually become hot and throbbing. Simultaneously, the clitoris linked mentally to the finger tip will have been infused with blood. Ninja then suggests tickling the finger with the fingers of the other hands, physically while concentrating on the aware ness of the tip being the clitoris. The clitoris would be pulsating strongly at this point.

3. To consummate the session and intensify the psychic transfer of energy, the seducer can begin to suck the tip of the clitoris/finger (He proposes doing this physically, but you can hallucinate it, if you prefer not to suck your finger)and at the same time, visualize the face of the girl getting excited and approaching satisfaction. The process can be aided by transforming the hallucination into a total experience of sight/sound/tactile sensations. The more real the hallucination, the greater the remote influence.

4. The tactic can be used on men as well, with concentration on the head instead.

5. As with the previous techniques, the psychic rapport will be established most strongly if the seducer maintains a low brainwave state at the alpha level: the implication is that you mustnot arouse yourself. Instead, approach the session clinically as a doctor would.