Thoughts create reality. The physical world is a tangible manifestation of thoughts. What we see before us once existed in the minds of others.

While your thoughts can affect the material plane, so can it alter the thoughts of others. Normally, you cannot simply create a mental command and expect others to do your bidding. Why can we create tangible reality from thoughts but fail to influence the thoughts of others?

What is missing? Energy. Your mind and the mind of others vibrate with etheric matter known as prana (or ki). In order to override someone’s mind, you need to charge your thoughts with far greater energy.

Finding the cosmic switch and plugging into vast untapped energy is easier than you can imagine, because all the necessary tools already hum away within you… these psychic power centers are known as your chakras.

You possess an advantage over others when you can manipulate your chakras at will.

Chakras are whirling balls of energy. Kirlian photography proved the existence of these energy centers. Invisible, these energy balls number over a hundred.

Major and minor energy centers are located throughout your body and provide you with psychic energy. These charkas draw energy from your environment and act as refining and distribution centers for your astral body.

Aikido masters are adept at manipulating these centers. Some have advanced to the degree of crushing the charkas of others and incapacitating larger opponents.

But such skill is not necessary for psychic seduction. To seduce the minds of others, you will tap your energy centers for power and infuse your thoughts with this energy. Once infused, you can control others very easily and invoke primal emotions.

Psychic Thought Tracers ™

Remote Psychic Seduction. Picture yourself influencing the mind of a beautiful target from the comfort of your home—without the arduous sexual visualizing required in the previous sections of this book. Psychic Thought Tracers ™ are globes of energy which you release into the atmosphere to carry out your seduction work. These are "tracers" because they hunt down your quarry and infuse them with thoughts of warmth, attraction… and yes, lust, for you. Creating a Psychic Thought Tracer requires about a week of practice, but the effort pays off in spades.

Here’s the method:

1. Stand straight up and access your altered state using the method previously discussed.

2. Hold your hands out before you, both facing each other at a distance of six inches. Pretend you are holding a small basketball.

3. At the center of both palms are minor chakras—small glowing balls of energy. You must activate these chakras. To do so, visualize them rotating counterclockwise. After five rotations, mentally tear them open. Feel a strong tearing sensation, like you ripped open the energy balls on both hand. Your hand will throb and turn red. Feel the chakras gush forth golden energy in a stream. Project the gush between your hands, forming an iridescent globe of psychic energy. Allow the ball to grow and become dense. At a certain point you will feel resistance and the flow will ebb. The ball had become saturated and is primed for release.

4. A greater energy source exists in the chakra which floats 7 inches above your head. Tap this energy. Imagine a globe of silver energy floating above you. Feel its warmth, then forcefully tear it open with mental force. As it rips, feel energy cascade down to your crown and ignite the crown chakra that sits there. As it ignites, imagine the energy coarse downwards to you third eye chakra and light it up as well. The energy then surges on to the heart and ignites the heart chakra . The heart chakra opens and floods energy which spills down your palms and into the ball that is already growing.

5. You must link the energy ball with the intent or purpose. To facilitate the linkage, you can name the energy globe. It must be a unique name that may have strong meaning for you.

Call it by name then command THREE times (the number three holds mystical and psychic properties. It is said that calling your guardian angel three times invokes your spirit guide) in a simple statement of your wish. Say, "Markus, I will you to make Lisa fall deeply in love with me!" Voice out the command in sure, certain tones. Speak with power. Infuse the Globe with intent, then close your eyes and release your named globe into the atmosphere towards your target. As you release the globe, fill yourself with expectation that the object of your desire will be infused with the ball.

6. Send out energy globes throughout the day to increase the effect. Experimentation has shown that three balls are enough to change a woman’s (or man’s) perception towards you.

You can invoke a range of emotions from your quarry, depending on your command. But the most effective commands are those which demand intense emotions, such as love, fear or desire.

The Ultimate Seduction ™

I’ve saved the best for last. The Ultimate Seduction is for those who crave to see instant response and who disdain remote influence. The Ultimate Seduction is a favorite of many simply because of its effectiveness. You can see results immediately after applying it. But because of its power, this technique takes the longest to master because of the great visualization required.

Ultimate Seduction unifies all the previous methods. Here’s how to induce irresistible desire in the minds of your target:

1. Once again, fire the altered states anchor while you can see the woman (or man) of your dreams.

2. Silently declare to yourself, "Girls, come to ME. I attract girls!" This is your new anchor that will allow you to recreate the state you will be inducing at this point forward.

3. Gaze at the woman and fill your mind with nothing but loving thoughts. Think "I want to love you", "I want to give you my all.", "I want to do the best I can for you." If you can, imagine these thoughts as pink balls floating towards your target. This is known as the softener, and it creates psychic rapport between you because all negative barriers go down in the onslaught of loving thoughts. Pink is also known as the universal energy solvent which can penetrate all energy defenses that someone may have set up against you.

4. Occasionally drop your gaze downwards… a flirtatious tactic that can invoke curious thoughts in your quarry. After a while, make darting glances, while sending out more loving thoughts when you can.

5. Approach your quarry a little bit. Mention again, "Girls come to me! I attract girls!" and as you approach, throw out beams of energy from your chest, palms and eyes towards hers. Infuse the energy you send towards her with your intentions. Your desires. Your emotions. Feel a tremendous attraction between you.

6. As you edge close, imagine the magnetic pull getting stronger… like a real lodestone drawing an iron bar. The sensation must be tangible. The mind thinks in pictures and by creating these sensations and throwing out the seductive thoughts, you are creating irresistible thoughts in the mind of your quarry.

7. Feel the woman tugging back as you tug at her. Increase the glowing tendrils of force.

8. When you intuitively sense the moment of saturation, project a final burst of pink energy from your chest to hers. You are charging her heart chakra with your personal energy.

9. Open a conversation while maintaining a steady gaze. You WILL notice a deep flush, nervousness and perhaps… a glint of attraction in her eye.

Aura Meld ™

The greatest source of energy is the earth’s core. Within the earth seethes a mass of primordial energy which you can use to enhance your aura and generate sensations of warmth around you. The Aura Meld allows you to expand your aura and use it to enshroud others with your personal energy, thereby making them sympathetic (and loving) towards you. The technique is simple.

1. Stand straight and close your eyes. Part your legs shoulder width, arms at the sides. Become aware of the polar core at the earth’s center. As your awareness intensifies, you will become aware of the tips of your fingers and the bottoms of your feet start to tingle.

2. When the tingling sensation begins, imagine the core opening a vast conduit of energy and flooding you with vibrant green and purple hues. The energy surges upwards through your feet and body, onto your crown. Very soon, your body will vibrate.

3. Allow the energy flow to continue as you imagine the sun itself to radiate silver and yellow rays from above. The energy courses down and co-mingles with the flow from the earth. You sit in a powerful maelstrom of colors which go in both directions. The reverse polarities infuse your aura with energy and expands it by 7 feet. Feel it and see it expand 7 feet in radius around you.

4. Command the energies around you to solidify in a permanent whirling cylinder of rainbow colors. There are two surfaces to the cylinder. The inner surface revolves counter-clockwise. The external surface revolves in a clockwise direction. Command the energies. Give it a name and will it along these lines, "I will you, Amon Ra, to enshroud me with love, protection and guidance." It is important you voice the intent THREE times and with utmost expectation. Open your eyes and imagine a sudden explosion of power emanating from you outwards.

5. Feel calm and peace. As you enter the real world, walk with expectation that people WILL gravitate towards you.

Note: The energy eventually leaks out. The maximum length of time you can expect the aura to surround you with your command of allure and seduction is about 12 hours. After that, you must re-energize.

There are additional benefits to the Aura Meld.

 Psychic attacks against you will fail and bounce back to the originator.

 Your immune system shoots up.

 People will feel tremendous energy and upliftment near you.

 You radiate tremendous chi which make your thoughts more powerful. Your intuition goes off the scale and your will creates reality with greater ease.