Aina e Amaliyat

By: Sufi Mohammad Azizur Rehman Sahib (Panipati)

Part II


All the practice contained in this book are being proved and tested by the compiler. No practice can ever fail to bring about desired effect. But if one practicing it commits some mistake, its is something else. It is a fact that the person practicing it should be a clean and pious one. Very rare!!


Contents Page:

01. Some Important Rules,
02. More For Love and Victory,
03. More For Repayment of Loan,
04. Miscellaneous for Evil Effect,
05. More For Release of a Captive,
06. For Causing a Pregnancy,
07. For Bringing a Runaway Person,
08. For Displacement of Navel,
09. For Developed Spleen,
10. For Strong Memory,
11. For Promotion of Sale in a Shop,

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