Altered States

Much of the advanced techniques rely on altered states of the mind. By resonating at the Shumann Resonance, energy is increased and telepathy becomes easy. The problem is that most seduction must occur in the presence of the target and while wide awake. There is a work-around to that dilemma— anchoring.

The key is to anchor the altered brainwave state induced during the theta level. In the previous chapters, the Color-Entrainment technique allowed you to access the theta state of mind, and while in that state, you proceeded with psychic seduction. The Color-Entrainment technique can be exploited, if coupled with an anchor, to create altered states almost instantaneously. The goal of anchoring is to create a "push-button" action that can instantly recreate the theta state of mind anytime and anywhere. Here is how:

1. Relax on a chair and use the Color-Entrainment technique to descend to alpha state. Wait a few minutes AFTER reaching the state, then allow yourself to drift to sleep. Do NOT attempt any seduction visualization. At that point called the threshold of sleep, when colors and starbursts are popping in your eyes, and you are aware of impending sleep, anchor the state by joining the thumb of your right hand to your pinky. Mentally vocalize the word "theta" as you do this, then fall asleep. You have set up a powerful anchor that allows you to access the theta state.

2. Psychologists have ascertained that memory becomes permanent if something is repeated eight times. That IS the magic number. We want the power of the anchor to be imbedded deep into your psyche, so step one must be repeated EIGHT times within one day. Space out the exercise by an hour.

3. In order to fire the anchor and access theta state anytime in the future, simply join your thumb to your pinky and silently mutter "theta." Your mind will automatically resonate at the low level frequencies generated by the Color-Entrainment technique.

You are at the optimum psychic seduction mind set.

The Seducer’s Mind Set ™

What if you could radiate tremendous sexual energy wherever you go? Imagine—women or men drawn to you like iron to a magnet. Feel tremendous charisma oozing from your pores. Experience a rush as others seem drawn to you for no apparent reason. You can achieve this!

Anchoring can effect a powerful change within yourself and augment your telepathic prowess. If you can rewire your brainwave patterns, such that seductive thoughts constantly broadcast from your mind to those around you, attracting others becomes child’s play!

The method necessitates a few steps:

1. Fire the anchor discussed in the previous section by joining your thumb to your pinky. It is necessary to alter your brain state.

2. Close your eyes and visualize beautiful women (or men) flanking you. Drink in the detail and be aware of the life that radiates from them. Note the expressions on their faces. The greater the detail, the more powerful the energy you will create.

3. Transform yourself literally into a human attractor with irresistible magnetic properties. Imagine that your body has acquired the molecules of a real lodestone. You are now a living woman magnet. Radiate visible tendrils of force to the women in your periphery. Feel yourself tugging at them, and simultaneously feel them tug back at you. You must ENERGIZE the feeling. Feel your hair stand on end. You are a magnet, and the women are visibly drawn in irresistibly. Note the consternation on their faces melt into desire. Envision that they resist slightly, but ultimately they yield as they physically, emotionally and spiritually get drawn closer and closer.

4. Finally all of them surround and caress you, floating on a high of euphoria. Wallow in the embraces and revel in the emotional sensations of the attraction they feel towards you. They embrace, caress and hug you.

5. At the peak of the experience, anchor the state by joining your thumb to your middle finger and utter "seduction." You have created a powerful anchor that you can use anytime.

6. The anchor can be further reinforced by redoing the visualization and recalling peak performance experiences, such as during a previous tremendously passionate lovemaking incident. Recall the experience, then as you ride the crest of emotion, anchor it! Join your thumb to your middle finger and utter "seduction."

7. Occasions that call for an instant seduction booster shot can be served by that anchor. When you release the anchor, you not only overwhelm yourself with positive thoughts, you literally release tendrils of crackling energy towards all those around you. Women in your field of vision may suddenly feel attraction or warmth. Notice that some may even create circumstances to meet you. Perhaps a wink, a brush… someone bumps into you…. Asks a question.

8. Your decisiveness will then determine the outcome of the situation. Act quickly. What is the rationale behind this method? During peak experiences, the mind vibrates at frequencies that affect not just yourself, but others. Psychic emanations branch through space and influence the thoughts of people in the vicinity. Notice how extremely happy people create other happy people; recall how glum individuals pull others down? Emotions are viral. They propagate.

Our thoughts affect ourselves and others. The more powerful the emotions, the greater the effect.

Seductive thoughts vibrate at intense levels and creates mental frequencies which easily effect amorous influence.