Psychic Seduction™ can be applied on members of the same sex! Instead of inciting desire, it will instead create strong feelings of warmth and camaraderie. Friendships, working relationships are ideal candidates for revitalization with this method (if you can stomach fondling your best friend’s genitals).

The mind control techniques also allow you to obtain favors from strangers, your bosses or even difficult people. Imagine that your hand is your boss’s genitals and heat it up as you request for a raise. He will associate the warm emotions generated, with you. Chances are, you will get that raise. Apply this technique when bargaining at the flea market or purchasing from those notorious used car dealers. People targeted with this technique will perceive you to be charismatic and charming.

A Devious Application

Psychic Seduction™ boasts of the power to temporarily halt the mental capacity of others.

Remember the corrector previously mentioned? Imagine your hand to be someone’s corrector, and cool it down. His thinking processes will grind to a halt. Where can this be applied? When losing a debate with an obviously smarter person is a good time to unleash the vengeance of your iniquities.