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"The one of keys to trading success is a System Technique, MUST HAVE THIS SYSTEM!"

BBMA Analyzer Dashboard

BBMA is a
popular technique that uses a combination of 2 indicators in MetaTrader 4 or MT4 which using Bolinger Band and Moving Average Indicator. Summary of BBMA Techniques has the basic elements:

Formed after fall or price increase.
Price will form a Sideway to enable Re-Entry.

CSAK (Strong Direction Candle)
The strong direction candle is a close candle direction above or below
Moving Average 5 / Moving Average 10 high low and also condition candle have cross MID BB.

When the price reaches the top Bollinger Band or Low Bollinger Band means it violates the basic law and then the EXTREME phenomenon is formed.


But many traders are hard at mastering this technique because it is a fibrous indicator with many lines of MA and BB. Additionally, candlesticks are a headache because it requires focal and accurate research.

Realizing this fact, it creates a BBMA Analyzer Dashboard system that is ready to signal without having to open any chart!

BBMA Analyzer Dashboard is a panel system designed specifically to facilitate Trader BBMA to make BUY or SELL decisions without having to learn BBMA Techniques as BBMA Analyzer Dashboard is ready to deliver BBMA Signals in REAL TIME.

The use of this Dashboard is to help traders easily analyze the preferred currency and identify the Trends Trends that apply to BBMA TimeFrame. It will show 2 types of Trends that occur:

Up Trend = BUY
Downtrend = SELL

For user BBMA
technique you will not need to analyze or view lines on your graph.

In addition, the BBMA Analyzer Dashboard is equipped with Take Profit and Stop Loss using the ATR (Average True Range) based method which definitely provides the right target in maximizing profit.

BBMA Analyzer Dashboard helps you to make decisions or analyze more than 28 pairs using the same technique that BBMA has:

1- Trend indicator

2- Extreme Signal

3- Re-Entry

4- CSA (Early Candle Direction)

5- CSAK (Strong Direction Candle)

6- Risk Filter

7- Stop Loss

8- Take Profit


It can also be combined with any technical or fundamental technique. What is interesting is that it complements your needs as a new or expert Forex Trader.

Forex analysis is easy and fast to use the BBMA Analyzer Dashboard. It gives Market Directions, Extreme, CSAK, Reentry signals that are the same as BBMA Techniques. There is even info if there is a risk of such a pair. Additional features of Stop Loss and Take Profit are also included.

BBMA Analyzer Dashboard v3.4 (System Information)
Instrument: All currency include commodity (Gold, Silver, Oil etc)
Format: Ex4
Broker: 5 digit
Delivery: Email or Download Link
Price: USD129 (single license)
Profit: 10-50% Per Month
License: Two Year (1 user)
Platform: MetaTrader 4

At present it has been proven that many BBMA students have Forex Millionaires.

Maybe after using this BBMA Analyzer Dashboard you will be one of the millionaires.

For those who are interested to have the BBMA Analyzer Dashboard or any further questions about the BBMA Analyzer Dashboard can be email to:



How to get BBMA Analyzer Dashboard?
>> Just Click Buy Now below and then email your MT4 ID to

BBMA Analyzer Dashboard v3.4
Only USD 129

BBMA Analyzer Dashboard v3.4: Only USD 129

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