Crystals & Gemstones 
Healing Properties and Uses
Crystal Or Gemstone Metaphysical & Healing Properties  Chakra
Agate Abundance, Good Luck, Harmony, Courage, Set in a  gold necklace, it will quicken a sluggish metabolism. Varies with color.
Amber Romantic Love, purification, wisdom Solar Plexus
Amethyst Enhances psychic abilities. Excellent for meditation. Aids in channeling, a sedative, protection, enhances feelings of contentment, and a connection to one's spirituality. A stone of peace and strength. Crown & 3rd Eye
Aquamarine Calming, soothing, alleviates fears and phobias. Throat 
Aventurine Creativity, motivation, leadership, imagination, prosperity and abundance. Heart 
Black Osidian Change, transformation, metamorphosis, purification, ground, protection. Root/Base
Carnelian Energy flow and vitality, creativity, past-life recall, emotional warmth, courage, happiness, self-esteem, memory. Sacral
Citrine Energizer, Prosperity, generosity, creativity, increases motivation,clears congestion from internal oragans. Solar Plexus
Emerald Love, cleansing, clairvoyance, memory strengthener, truth promoting, fertility, protection. Heart
Fluorite Flourite is associated with flouride and may help to strengthen the teeth and bones,as well as it can be used as a psychic shield, unblocking energy, balancing, and protection. Depends on the color
Garnet Love and Passion, sensual energy, self-confidence, social popularity, joy, expressions of desire. Base/Root & Sacral
Jasper Intensifies primal awareness, protection, energizes root chakra. Base/Root & Sacral
Lapis Lazuli Depression, sadness, grief, tranquility, increases psychic senses, positive manifesting. 3rd Eye & Throat
Malachite This stone must be cleansed after uses as it absorbs negativity very easily. Sympathy & compassion for others, purification and releasing negative blockages. Heart
Moonstone A very feminine stone, moonstone is excellent for menstrual cramps. Good luck, Hypnotherapy, divinatory work, feminine energy. Heart & Sacral
Quartz Amplifies and strengthens the whole auric field, the etheric and emotional bodies in particular. Brings clam & clarity and will amplify the energies of other stones placed by it. Is a wonderful stone for meditation and healing. The crown but is effective everywhere.
Rose Quartz Compassion, the most loving of all stones. Helps heal emotional issues & imbalances of the heart, childhood issues, fosters love for humanity, lover, children, self. Heart
Rutilated Quartz Repairs torn and broken tissues, disciplines and structures our approach to life. All
Smokey Quartz Neutralize harmful influences, protection, Any
Tigers Eye Protection, courage, balance, will. Solar Plexus
Turquoise All purpose balancing & healing. Balances all subtle systems, protection, strength, energy, wisdom, strengthens the organs of the physical body, as well as the auric field, and will help to neutralize and repel environmental negativity. Throat, Heart & Thymus