THE DARK ARTS MANIFESTATION SOFTWARE is the best program of its kind that is exclusively designed for the any type caster. And by now you know it: a radionics setting, or rate, is a universal magickal sigil applicable to dark or white magic.

The Dark Arts MANIFESTATION SOFTWARE goes much further than any other radionics program. Like other programs it contains the settings for the effect and for the target of your operation. In addition to that it has additional settings:

(1) A setting that is designed to represent the basic supporting energy that you use. This helps you tune into the general field of your operation. This is an ideal setting to include any amplifier of power!

(2) A setting that is designed to effect the environment of your target: Set a positive environment for positive spell work, set an environment of hatred, general failure, or violence for destructive spells.

(3) Lastly, to prevent repercussion from becoming a problem that can haunt you, there is a setting for an alternative target.

For all these reasons, the dark arts Manifestation Program is the ultimate weapon for the Dark Magician. It is a must whenever you are serious to wield your magickal powers for your overall success and to cause the change that you have desired all the time!

This extraordinary computer program comes with a selection of magical symbols, for increased power::

The 72 Dark Entities of the Goetia

Voodoo deities

Over 150 letter squares from the book "the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage"

Entities of the Grimorium Verum

Entities of the "Sage of the Pyramids" grimoire

The planetary squares.

The designs of the Infernal Tarot

Special designs to set the basic energy of your action

The Dark Arts Manifestation software helps the practitioner in demolishing malevolent entities, casting any charms, reversing hexes sent your way and establishing fields of protection.

While it is strongly possible, we do not recommend the use of this program for any nefarious plans against individuals. Recall the universal law of Karma: negative energy backlashes upon the operators of dark deeds.

Remember that you will be tapping into vast negative forces. Consider the impact this can have upon your well-being and make an informed decision prior to any iniquity. We sell this software for informational purposes only.

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