Part used - Above ground portion
Herbal Uses - Poultices, Diuretic Infusions
Magical Uses - Water Safety {mix with Watercress} and Visionary Capacities - to strengthen the 'third eye'. {Herb of Mars} 
(CAUTION}: Pregnant women should AVOID 

Parts Used - Above ground portion & root
Herbal Uses - Internally or externally as a tea, poultice, or tincture
Magical Uses - Protection and to attract health, peace and joy. {Herb of Venus}

Part Used - Root
Herbal Uses - As a tea, infusion or for dying fabrics
Magical Uses - For a young woman's coming-of-age ceremony.  (Herb of Mars} 

Part Used - Root
Herbal Uses - Poultices, Salves, {Anesthetic}
CAUTION - Not recommended for home use -TOXIC
Magical Uses - Protects against demonic possession, Used as a puppet, Placed on mantle to bring prosperity and happiness, To attract love and repel diseases, Exorcisms, Travel unnoticed
CAUTION - DO NOT INGEST! - {Herb of Mercury} 

Parts Used - Root, Flower, Leaf
Herbal Uses - Tea, Infusion
Magical Uses - Love Spells, Promoting Peace {Herb of Jupiter} 

Part Used - The above ground portions
Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Oil, Salve
{CAUTION - No more than 2 cups per day of infusion - or 2 drops per day of oil, Larger doses can be toxic to the kidneys}
Magical Uses - Protection, Healing, Easy Travel, Attracts prosperity & money. {Herb of Venus} 

Parts Used - Twig & Leaf
Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Tincture
CAUTION - Berries should not be used for internal consumption - Large doses of this herb have been known to induce convulsions in children
Magical Uses - Use to combat despair, herb of protection, child theft by fairies, healing, hunting, conception, to bring beautiful dreams, unlock the secrets of immortality through dreams - used for wands and ritual items or placed around a 'Hand of Glory' to ward off thieves - to protect the bearer from werewolves. {Herb of the Sun & Jupiter}
CAUTION - You should take note that this herb is considered by many in the study of herbs, to be extremely toxic. It should not be used for medical complaint, without full and total knowledge of it's usage and dosages. 

Parts Used - Bark, Leaf, Acorn
Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tea, Salves
Magical Uses - Abundance, fertility, longevity, protection, spiritual awareness while remaining fully rooted in the earth plane, it's wood is used for staves and wands, use any parts for protective charms which bring healing. Acorns bring fertility and abundance. Plant in the dark of the moon to bring financial prosperity. {Tree of Jupiter}
CAUTION - Parts of this tree contain the compound known as tannic acid. Tannic acid in this form is toxic to humans. Oak bark tea can be bought OTC, if you would prefer. Otherwise, if you intend to use this particular herb, make sure that you do a complete study on how to use it. 

Parts Used - Above ground portions, spores
Herbal Uses - Infusion, Powder, Poultice
Magical Uses - Charm of power and protection, wear it, add it to incense, use it to commune with the Gods & Goddesses. 

Part Used - Above ground portions
Herbal Uses - Tea, Tincture, Poultices
Magical Uses - Purification, ward of insect stings & serpents, protection from enchantment, make dreams come true, bring love, dispel fears, bring youth & beauty, protection for the practitioner of magical workings, bring peace, kept in home it attracts wealth and keeps plants healthy. Drinking it's juice cuts sexual desire, burn to banish pangs of unrequited love, worn to recover stolen articles, put in child's cradle brings joy and a lively intellect. 

Part Used - Leaves, Blooms, all parts
Herbal Uses - Infusion, Poultice, Tincture, Tea
Magical Uses -Vervain was one of the three most sacred herbs of the Druids. Sweeping the sacred space with bunches of vervain will cleanse and purify it as well as raising its vibrations. Used in ritual bath to detoxify the physical body and refine the aura. Taking the tea before the ritual will heighten the consciousness and intensify clairvoyant powers. Vervain was also known to be a very effective healer and protector. Vervain was sometimes buried in fields to ensure a bountiful harvest. When a piece of vervain was carried it was said to help soldiers escape their enemies. A piece of vervain hung above the bed is said to prevent nightmares. Hanging a piece of vervain in the home was said to protect against evil spirits, lightning and storms. An infusion, sprinkled around the home, was said to keep evil from entering. The bruised plant worn around the neck was a good luck charm and guarded against headaches and venomous bites. One belief was that vervain would bring magical powers and immortality to its possessor. It was said that if a bride picked a sprig of vervain on her wedding morning she would ensure the love and faithfulness of her husband.

Part Used - Above ground portions
Herbal Uses - Infusion, Tincture
Magical Uses - Offerings to deities 

Part Used - Above ground portions
Herbal Uses - Infusion, Poultice, Oil
{The type - Thyme is used in tincture for children's chest complaints}
Magical Uses - Protection, repel thieves, attract customers to a business, dispel melancholy, bring joy, mend quarrels, additive for love spells, 
fidelity, purification, courage, health, vitality, strength, healing - wear to enhance psychic powers, 
place by bed to ward off nightmares, ritual offerings. {Herb of Venus} 

Part Used - Leaf
Herbal Uses - Poultice, Salves, Dye
Magical Uses - Paint for ceremonial use. {Herb of Mars & Jupiter}