Emotional Freedom Computerized Program

This is a state of the art program which takes psychological treatments to the next level. There is a large body of work which has developed since the 1980s called "Energy Psychology". It originated with the work of Dr. Roger Callahan who developed a method called Thought Field Therapy. TFT uses the bodies acupuncture energy meridian system to make instant psychological changes by tapping on the acupuncture points while thinking of a psychological problem. A simplified version of TFT was developed by Gary Craig called Emotional Freedom Technique.

What is interesting about these forms of energy psychology is that is has been shown repeatedly  that simply imagining that you are tapping on the meridian points appears to be as effective as actually tapping the points. The reason for this is simple. Energy follows thought. It is that discovery, in part, which makes this program work. Anyone who has experienced the effects of Thought Field Therapy or Emotional Freedom Techniques knows it is truly amazing. Emotional and psychological problems such as phobias or anxiety based disorders are wiped out in minutes. EFT has also proven effective with many physical disorders like pain (many of which are psychologically based). The problem with both TFT and EFT is that both systems are expensive and time consuming to learn. This program changes that. With the EFT computer program, you follow 7 easy steps and push a button. Then you just set back and watch the screen as the program does the rest.

This program also incorporates the amazing discovery by Dr. Larry Nims that you can read an instruction to your subconscious mind and then muscle test to get an agreement with your subconscious. Dr. Nim's method is called Be Set Free Fast (BSFF). Using this principle along with general EFT procedures actually makes this program more effective than simply using EFT by itself. This program not only eliminates the problem, it is designed to prevent energy toxins from ever bringing the problem back. The program operates in two basic steps. The first step clears the subject of any psychological reversal and the second step treats the problem while simultaneously running the program which keeps psychological reversal from returning (what is generally know as a "mini-reversal").

Another interesting discovery in energy psychology is that you do not have to tap on the person you are treating. All forms of energy psychology teach that it is possible to do surrogate treatments by using yourself or another to treat someone else. This program is designed to allow you to treat others using well established techniques of surrogate treatment.

This program was recently demonstrated before the Donna Eden energy medicine seminar in Phoenix, Arizona. A woman volunteered who had a severely limiting 39 year phobia of being in water. This program cleared the phobia completely in four minutes. This program has consistently produced similar such amazing results.

The program is designed for all Windows versions of 98 and higher. Here are some of the areas this program can help you with:
Addictions ,Allergies, Anger, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Compulsions and Obsessions, Concentration,  Depression, Dyslexia, Energy Level Increase, Fatigue and Tiredness, Fears and Phobias, Grief, Guilt, Heartache (Love Pain), Hiccups, Insomnia, Jealousy, Job stress, Nasal Congestion, Nightmares, Pain Management, Physical Conditions and Healing ,Peak Performance, Procrastination ,PMS, Rejection, Relationship Problems, Self-Image,  Self-Confidence, Shyness, Trauma and Traumatic Memories, Weight Loss.

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