A New Computerized Approach To Energy Medicine

An "amazing and exciting" computer program -Donna Eden, October 18, 2003*

This is a computer program than runs two energy medicine programs.The first is the Temporal Tap Program and the second is a figure 8 eye Pattern Release Program.

                                                                Temporal Tap Program

The temporal tap is a technique rooted in ancient times in the Orient where it was used primarily for pain control. In modern times it has been rediscovered as a technique to help program the brain on a subconscious level by allowing a suggestion to go in while temporarily suspending other sensory input. In the 1970s, George Goodheart, the founder of applied kinesiology, discovered that the temporal tap can temporarily shift the mechanisms that filter sensory input and allow a suggest to go directly into and be accepted by the subconscious. In can be used to help break old habits and install new ones. The temporal tap is a simple technique. You use two fingers to tap around the temporal bone starting at the temple and going around to the back side of the ear. You can see the direction and pattern of the temporal tap on the screen of this program. In the 1990s through today the temporal tap has gained increasing popularity as a technique taught by Donna Eden in her book called Energy Medicine. Donna Eden added an explanation as to why the temporal tap works. She explains that the direction of the tapping is opposite of the direction the Triple Warmer energy meridian flows and therefore the tap seduces the Triple Warmer meridian which is well known to govern habit.

There is a large body of work which has developed since the 1980s called "Energy Psychology" It originated with the work of Dr. Roger Callahan who developed a method called Thought Field Therapy. TFT uses the bodies acupuncture energy meridian system to make instant psychological changes by tapping on the acupuncture points while thinking of a psychological problem. A simplified version of TFT was developed by Gary Craig called Emotional Freedom Technique.

What is interesting about these forms of energy psychology is that Gary Craig and others have found that simply imagining that you are tapping on the meridian points appears to be as effective as actually tapping the points. The reason for this is simple. Energy follows thought. Another interesting point is that you do not have to tap on the person you are treating. All forms of energy psychology teach that it is possible to do surrogate treatments by using yourself or another to treat someone else. Nowhere is this demonstrated better than by Dr. Nims on the Gary Craig tape series "The Ultimate Therapist". Dr. Nims does the temporal tap on himself with the thought he is a surrogate for Gary. Dr. Nims then thinks to himself "right arm strong, left arm weak". Sure enough Gary Craig's arms go strong and weak in the same order. No direct suggestion is involved here as Gary didn't know in advance which arm was to go strong or weak.

It is these two principles that make this compute program work. The program serves as a surrogate through the consciousness of the observer-operator. The program also incorporates principles of radionics. The program works because it structures the intention of the operate toward the subject (target). It is very easy to learn and operate. You enter a picture of the person you are treating as the subject and type in the suggestion you wish to implant. You then click on the start button and the program does a temporal tap pattern on the two top pictures. The suggestion is placed very effectively in the subconscious of the subject. THIS PROGRAM IS AWESOME!

                                                                  Eye Pattern Release Program

The eye repattern program is very cool. It uses the principles set out on page 330 of  Donna Eden's Energy Medicine book. A cursor shaped like the "Flower of Life" runs a figure 8 pattern. Just watching this is relaxing and boosts and balances your energy. The program comes with instructions showing how to hold your neurovascular points as you watch the screen. This allows you to release negative emotions you may be holding with a stressful memory.  The program allows you to run a test on a stressful memory to see which eye position holds the greatest decree of stress. You can then treat that eye location until the stress is completely gone. This uses principles similar to EMDR. I personally think in is more effective that EMDR without any of the dangers EMDR claims can happen.

Here are some of the areas these two programs can help you with:

Addictions,Allergies, Anger, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Compulsions and Obsessions, Concentration,  Depression, Dyslexia, Energy Level Increase, Fatigue and Tiredness, Fears and Phobias, Grief, Guilt, Heartache (Love Pain), Hiccups, Insomnia, Jealousy, Job stress, Nasal Congestion, Nightmares, Pain Management, Physical Conditions and Healing ,Peak Performance, Procrastination ,PMS, Rejection, Relationship Problems, Self-Image,  Self-Confidence, Shyness, Trauma and Traumatic Memories, Weight Loss.

Like any energy medicine devise, this program should not be used in place of medical advise from qualified health care providers.

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