There are unseen waves of energy all around us all the time. Where they have come from, and where they are off too, few of us know. How many different waves there are around us, nobody can be certain. Technology, through science has discovered a few of them in recent years, but how many others are out there or in here, is a mystery. Theyíve been around as long as the world has been around.

For example, the room you are sitting in now is filled with all kinds of energy waves and currents. Take the TV, and plug it in. Now tune it. What results? A sharp screen. Music. Commercials. Perhaps a soap opera.

Electricity is the driver of the TV set. And just as electricity is invisible, so are the myriad of other frequencies which can be controlled solely by thought. These are the frequencies you should master in order to effect mental influence.

Scientists admit that they know little about energy. They know that it is, of course, but they donít know what it is. Isnít it stupendous that in an era where electricity is commanded at will, we still donít truly know what it is, or why it works? It does work, and that is enough for most of us.

There is also an energy, a life force that flows to the ends of the universe. This energy is endowed with characteristics that make it susceptible to mental control. Called by many names, such as orgone, prana and ki, it is the stuff of life. Existence will be impossible without it. It is an untapped reservoir, inextinguishable and exceedingly potent. This energy is shaped by our thoughts and it in turn shapes our reality.

The events in your life are the result of what you have chosen to allow into your life. When you improve at consciously shaping your life from your thoughts, you will see it happen and see just how it unravels. If you were to envision a red Ferrari parked in your driveway and looked outside, you wonít see it. Your mind will always give you what you want but it performs through the events and hidden energies around you. You may win the car in a raffle, or your friend will pass by and lend you one. Your goals eventually will materialize but you will have to know what to look for and just how to be patient.

Actually, this is the basis for all witchcraft (black and white), magic, and mystic ceremonies. Energy (and all other hidden frequencies) is concentrated in a series of rituals intended to condense and distill it with a forcefully created objective and it is subsequently released into the environment to manifest into a reality. Energy is shaped by thought for an outcome. All magic works by this principle. We create realities from our thoughts because our thoughts travel through the hidden energies and these thoughts materialize into tangible form.

Notice how well positive thinking works? Positive thinking harnesses positive energies and effects favorable outcomes most of the time. This is the simplest use of energy. But since it requires little effort, positive thinking is not as concentrated, nor as effective as true psychic or mental control. There is a superior technique to gain control of the hidden energy waves in order to attain irresistible power.