Psychic Seductionô was designed to deliver maximum impact only with continuous practice. As a babe cannot run the moment it was born, so can not expect to produce results in as short as a week. Give yourself time. One month should be enough to boost your capacity to effect almost instantaneous attraction.

Work at it.

By this point, you may have wondered at the numerous images of sex and steamy sensuality throughout the manual. Even though you bombard your prospectís mind with such thoughts, she (he) will not really see those pictures as you sent them.

The Psychic Seduction System requires those vivid images simply to create the necessary mental and psychic thought links. What happens when you apply all the techniques in this book is to create a very favorable and attractive impression of yourself in her (his) mind. She will perceive you to be very sexy and charismatic.

This is because you have mentally stroked her psychic passion centers. Other than that, do not expect her to actually see the sexy images that you transmit.

A user of the Psychic Seduction III system claims that he got his wife to stay in one room and he stayed in the other. Applying the Thought Tracers and Advanced Organ Heating (I provided him with this technique prior to the release of Psychic Seduction IV), he got her to climax remotely! He then asked her what sensations and images she experienced. Her reply was not surprising. She felt herself getting very aroused as blood rushed to her sexual organs. Her mind flashed fleeting images of her husband and she felt strongly attracted to him. Involuntarily, she did climax without self-stimulation, in much the same way that males experience nocturnal emissions. When asked if she saw any sexual images, she replied that she didnít. She just felt an increasing excitement and she vaguely felt that her arousal was connected to thoughts of her husband. She even felt as though her husband were near her!


Psychic Seduction

The body of this work draws from documented records of mind control which was practiced in German hamlets in the early 1200ís. At the time of religious upheaval, and in the subsequent industrial age, much of this knowledge had been lost. History witnessed its rising again in the 1800s, this time in Russia. While unverified, an account elaborates a tale of monks carrying with them forbidden books on the hidden arts, scientific inventions, orgone technology and a specialized system of agriculture. These books were sold to a Dr. Trotsky for fund raising purposes.

Organ Heating Method I and II

The OHM was discovered by accident. The author played around with pranic healing in the past and stumbled across the positive correlation between associating body parts with external objects. Once a mind association is made between personal body parts and foreign bodies, all it takes is concentrated will to effect psychic manipulation.