In order to heighten the attraction to you, you need to re-apply the previous techniques for some days (preferably at night when the mind is easily influenced.) In time, she will overtly manifest her feelings. Signs can involve shyness in your presence to outrageous flirting. You will know the signs when you see it.

I have developed a powerful technique to use as a follow-up to the primary method. This secondary technique can be applied almost anywhere, and in vacant time periods to maximize the ongoing arousal you seek to generate. This is called the Organ Heating Method .™

Organ Heating Method ™

To apply this method, you will learn to heat and cool your hands. The first step is to relax. Sit on a chair and prop your hand upon a table. Gaze at your hand. See the folds, the little hairs, the ridges. Then, imagine that it is not yours. Feel its sensations—then imagine that it lives a separate life. You must believe in your mind that it is now an entity distinct from you with its own life force. Dissociate yourself with it. Command your brain that this body part is no longer under your control; tell your brain that there are no nerves connecting this hand to your body. As you do this, your hand may grow cold. Try to move your hand. You will be surprised to see that it refuses to budge.

At this point, imagine that the hand is heating up. Imagine fire surging into the hand. The technique can be improved by imagining liquid fire coursing down your arm and surging into the hand. As the fire cascades, revel in the imagined sensations of heat. Feel the air rising around the hand. See the glow of the energy. Within two to five minutes, the hand will physically heat up.

Your hands will blaze with tingles and spikes of energy. Observe your hand. You will notice angry red splotches. With that little technique, you have manipulated chi / ki energy and caused surplus storage of this etheric energy within your hands and arms. This energy is used by shamans to heal. Warlocks use it to destroy. Martial artists (aikido and kung fu) practitioners deploy ki to defeat larger opponents. Psions use it to manipulate events and affect reality. You will use it for seduction.

It takes little time, but once you’ve mastered that little exercise, you can apply it to mental seduction efforts.

The trick is to identify your hand or any other personal body part with that of your target’s genitals. You have to perceive your hand and her genitals as one solid object, and afterwards heat up the hand. As the hand heats up, so will her genitals. This is the desired response. Blood will surge into her clitoris and infuse her vaginal walls. Sexual excitement will pound her thoughts. Because of the link, she will associate her feelings of arousal with you.

Done on a daily basis, you will create tremendous rapport with the woman you are influencing.

Imagine doing this every hour on the hour!!


While the Organ Heating Technique™ doesn’t occur in the theta state, it will still work because of the intense psychic link created when the association between hand and genital is made. The constant repetition will all the more enhance its power and create the desired result:

sexual attraction, desire, and warmth.