Crystals & Gemstones 
How to Make Gem Water

Gem water is a part of my personal routine and it's easy to make simple and effective remedies of great value to healing processes.  Gem water quite simply is spring water that has absorbed the properties of crystals or gemstones. Gem water is a liquid version of a stones energy patterns and because it is liquid, it can be used in broader ways than the stones themselves. 

"Although the mechanics are not fully understood, it is thought that the particular atomic bonding between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a molecule of water is able to hold a memory or an energy pattern of something placed with it."*

Caution: It is important to understand the properties of the stones you are using and to use  safe, non-toxic stones when making gem water. Some minerals are toxic and should be avoided. Stones from the quartz family are hard and safe, Such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Tiger's Eye, Green Aventurine. If in any doubt about the stones you want to use, please ask an expert or research the properties of the stone from mineral books and websites. 

Gem Water: I personally use 1 clear quartz crystal and 1 amethyst crystal, but you may choose any "safe" stone of your choice.

1) Clean the selected crystal and place it in the bottom of a glass pitcher. (I usually use the 1/2 gallon size)

2) Fill the pitcher with spring water. If spring water is not available, fresh tap water is fine.

3) Cover the pitcher with foil or plastic wrap or if your pitcher has a lid, use that. Then place in the refrigerator for approximately 12 hours.

4) After 12 hours your water is ready to drink, to water your plants, give to your pets, or anything else you can think to use it for.

A pitcher usually lasts a couple of days in my house with 2 of us drinking it. We usually begin the morning with a glass and have a glass right before bed time. I leave the stones in the water the whole time. Once the pitcher is empty, I cleanse the stones again, clean the pitcher and start the process over.