Afflicted with pains and anxieties? The best time to cleanse yourself of such maladies is when you are recuperating in your special place. Visit your special place and visualize a small pond of effervescent, shimmering water. Wade into the pond and feel your disease and affliction melt into the pond. As the pond blackens with the disease, feel yourself glow stronger and brighter.

When you have reached health, step out of the pond and will it to disappear, together with your sickness.

Advanced Psychic Seduction

The following sections constitute advanced techniques of psychic seduction. At this level, the practitioner is expected to have mastered beyond the rudiments of simple visualization. It is essential that emotions, feelings, and sensations of touch can be conjured at will. Without this vital ingredient, advanced psychic seduction cannot occur.

It takes about one month of continuous practice and visualization in order to properly develop the required abilities. I recommend that you do not proceed to this section without this requirement. Dissatisfaction may result if the techniques fail—and they WILL fail without this prerequisite.