What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy, sometimes also referred to as aromatic or scent medicine, is the art of healing the body using naturally distilled essences from different parts of plant to improve and enhance your everyday emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. These essences are known as essential oils.


What are essential oils?

These oils are the concentrated essences of the aromatic plant. They can be used as an analgesic (to alleviate pain), an anti-inflammatory (to reduce swelling), an anti-bacterial, an anti-fungal, an anti-viral (to prevent infections).

Since scent stimlates the part of the brain that effects your emotions, essential oils can also sooth and calm....or energize and arouse.

These essential oils are highly concentrated and are measured in drops. They should be housed in dark colored air tight bottles in a cool area, out of direct light. Unless noted, they should not be applied directly to the skin, but instead placed in a carrier oil such as almond oil, so as to avoid irritation.


How does aromatherapy work?

Our sense of smell is about 10,000 times stronger than our sense of taste, but it is truly underappreciated. The olfactory system of your brain has a memory of scents and the longest recall of all the senses.

Just think... does the smell of baking bread bring back vivid memories of visits with a relative in your childhood.. ever catch a whiff of the cologne/perfume of an old lover? Memories that are attatched to sent are stronger!!!!

Scent also stimulates the limbic system of the brain which responds by releasing neuro-chemicals. Such as Seratonin and Endorphins. These chemicals calm us.. arouse us... alleviate discomfort.


How can I use Essential Oils?


Swish 10-12 drops of a single oil or a blend into your bath water. Close yr bathroom door to help retain all the scent, sink into yr bath inhale and relax......


Place 3-5 drops of essential oil on a tissue. Breathe Deeply!


Replace those aeresol air fresheners. A few drops in a diffuser, you can buy electric devices, candle warmed, ceramic rings to place on lightbulbs, or just use a bowl of warm water. A few drops is all you need.


Place 3-5 drops of essential oil into a basin of water. Dip a clean folded facecloth into the water, squeeze and gently apply.


Blend 15 drops of essentail oil per ounce of carrier oil (Almond, Apricot, Jojoba) and indulge in the power of touch.


Facial steams, foot soaks, insect repellant, household cleaning.... and much more... use your imagination.

* Always decrease the drop amount when using Lemon or Peppermint in any application.*



Since essentail oils are 100 times more potent than their plant sources, care must be taken in how and when they are used.

Do not ingest oils by mouth

Keep out of eyes

Most essential oils cannot be applied directly to the skin Research any essential oil in reference books, for specific precautions, warnings, etc. As with any natural substance, the possibility exists for allergy... start with very small amounts and watch for reactions, then increase dosage, within the given guidelines


The following oils should be avoided during pregnancy: basil, birch, cedar, clove bud, clary sage, cypress, fennel, jasmine, juniper marjoram, peppermint, rosemary, sage, thyme

Skin Irritants

These oils may irritate the skin, and should be diluted in a carrier oil before applying to the skin or used in a bath : basil, cinnamon, clove bud, fennel, Siberian fir, lemon, lemongrass, melissa, peppermint, thyme, tea tree, verbena


These oils can cause skin sensitivity in the presence of ultraviolet light and should NOT be used beofre exposure to direct sunlight: angelica, bergamot, mandarin, lemon, lime, petitgrain, St. John's Wort, verbena

High Blood Pressure

The following oils should not be used by anyone with high blood pressure:hyssop, rosemary, sage, thyme

Skin Allergies

If one is suffering from dermatitis or other allergic skin conditions then these oils should be avoided: benzoin, rose geranium, jasmine, pine, ylang ylang

Toxic oils

These oils should be avoided: bitter almond, mugwort, mustard, pennyroyal, rue, sassafrass, southernwood, tansy, wintergreen


The Essential Oils

Basil (P, SS)

Eases mental fatigue, stimulates poor memory and enhances alterness.... beneficial as a digestive aid.... relieves headache pain

Bergamot (SS, S)

Great for nervous/depressed emotions.... antiseptic for skin conditions... regulates appetite...assists convalescence

Cedar, Himalayan (P, SS)

A very calming oil...eases bronchitis and respiratory ailments...combats cellulite

Chamomile, Roman

Aids skin conditions... eases migraines...relieves insomnia..soothing..anti-inflammatory use as a compress for ear-aches

Clary Sage (P)

Avoid if epileptic avoid alcohol, it may exaggerate the effects Produces vivid dreams...eases migraines balances female hormones....eases menstrual discomfort/PMS/menopause... retards excessive perspiration

Eucalyptus (P)

Stimulating...anti-viral.. eases respiratory ailments...soothes sore muscles and sunburn pain... anti-bacterial properties inhibit spread of infection when used in a diffuser


Meditative.. tightens and tones skin... anti-aging.. stimulates cell regeneration... sooths and calms nerves... treats urinary tract infection.. anti-bacterial

Geranium, Rose

Regenerates and rejujinates skin cells and tissue.. anti-cellulite....eases stress.. balances hormone problems during menopause..relieves PMS

Ginger (SS)

Relief from arthritis pain, sprians, muscle aches and pains... keeps sport muscles supple... eases motion sickness, hangovers, jet lag... sexual tonic

Grapefruit (S)

Reduces cellulite & water retention ... helps obesity.... relieves hot flashes and PMS ...antidepressant

Jasmine Absolute (P)

Aphrodisiac.. long-lasting scent.. elevates spirits.. decreases depression/nervous tension.. strengthens male reproductive system ... aids impotency... physically/emotionally relaxing


treats insomnia... anti-bacterial for skin rashes and burns.. eases pain of insect bites and stings... relieves headaches and migraines.. calming .. mild enough for children

Lemon (S)

refreshing stimulant.. astringent and anti-septic.. tonic to the lymphatic and digestive systems... conditions skin and nails... anti-aging agent

Lemongrass (SS)

energizes... great for exhaustion.. beneficial in treating digestion and stomach gas.. good for stimulating, deoderizing foot baths .. insect repellant


anti-anxiety.. antidepressant... gentle sedative for insomnia... eases palpitaions...hypnotic/euphoric.. smooths skin, stretch marks and scar tissue.. anti wrinkle... anti-spasmotic

Orange (SS, S)

mild sedative for anxiety and depression... plumps up aging and dry skin.. calming to overcome sadness...


sensual rejuvinator.. prevents wrinles and chapped skin .. anti-aging..curbs appetite..anti-bacterial

Peppermint (P, SS)

do not use before bedtime very awakening and stimulating... treats nasea and indigestion... eases travel sickness

Rose Absolute

heart warming aphrodisiac... relieves sexual debilities.. frigidity/impotency.. treats anorexia.. elevating to the mind.. confidence improving.. creates a sense of peaceful well-being


increases sensitivity...increases creativity.. lifts exhaustion... awakens your heart


aphrodisiac... aids awareness and meditation... peaceful and inspiring

Tea tree (SS)

strengthens the immune system... powerful anti-viral.. anti-bacterial.. anti-fungal


good for stress and nervous tension... calming and balancing... treats dry, mature, irritated skin... aids in rheumatism.. circulation tonic

Ylang Ylang (SS)

most euphoric aphrodisiac..sexual energy .. relaxes body, mind and spirit... aniti-depressant... relieves palpitations and anxiety

Key to symbols:


  • P - avoid during pregnancy
  • S - may iritate sun-exposed skin
  • SS - may irritate sensitive skin


Magickal Uses for Aromatherapy


cedar.... rose geranium




eucalyptus... rosemary... sandalwood...


jasmine.... rose

Magnetic (attracts men):

ginger...jasmine.. lavender...neroli

Magnetic (attracts women):

patchouly... vetivert



Mental powers:



bergamot... mint... patchouly






patchouly... rose geranium.. rosemary

Psychic power:

lemongrass.. sandalwood


jasmine... lavendar....sandalwood