The magic system of ancient Polynesians.

The Huna is a system of magic practice from Hawaii , the Huna magician is called a Kahuna ( Keepers of the Secret) , Huna ( means Secret). When Christians missionaries arrived in Hawaii in early 1800 , they made the kahuna outlaws as their practice is not very compatible with Christianity , the kahunas have been described as being evil. They used their powers for healing , weather control, fire-walk , premonition and defeat enemies . In the Huna tradition crystal gazing and dreams were used for premonition.

The knowledge about men psychology is something the kahunas have mastered over centuries , they knew about the subconscious (Unihipili) and the conscious (Uhane) long time before Freud made the distinction between the two. They recognize a third part called Aumakua (high self) , the work with the high self was sometime used to communicate with animals , influence future circumstance and control weather pattern . They also had an energy system called Vital Force (mana) the symbol of this system is water for them it was the essence of all life . This is a good symbol as we cannot live longtime without water and water flows as life does.