Deadly & Powerful Spells Of The Javanese

By Lau Soon Wah

This e-book Deadly and Powerful Spells Of The Javanese is one of the most unique forms of Sorcery ever developed! No other book has ever been printed on this tradition of magic used by the old Sorcerers of the Pacific for thousands of years hidden from "white men" - until now. Nowhere will you find these rare techniques used in any other system of Magic or Sorcery!

This is real tribal magic with words of powers & Magic symbols included. Nothing special is needed to perform these rites which makes it a great system for any interested in practical magic. What few know is that the Javanese were known as the most powerful Sorcerers in their region of the world. Others feared and sought them out for healing & revenge.

This system comes from a long family line of Sorcerers passed down from generation to generation thus you'll never find another book based on this type of magic again.

It includes:

- a tremendously powerful LOVE RITUAL for bringing back (or attracting) a partner

- a rare LUST inducing ritual (a.k.a. instant horny spell!)

- a powerful HEALING ritual to cure any illness (stop pain & bleeding spells)

- learn secret Finger Powers

- a potent black magic spell (for eliminating your enemies - a Javanese specialty)

- an Enemy SOUL CATCHING ritual of Death

- learn the secrets of WRITING MAGIC for Love, Wealth & Power

- and MUCH more! This system is outright phenomenal!

If you're serious about yoru studies of Sorcery & the Occult, you simply must have this!!!


PAGES: 22 Pages Long

PRICE: $20

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FILE FORMAT: PDF (Acrobat Reader)

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