Lesson Five

You never have to lie to subconsciousness in order to set it to work building the conditions which will transform your desire from a mental fact into a physical reality. Be sure you understand this. A story went the rounds in England which is an amusing illustration of popular misconceptions on this point. An amateur psychologist was trying to explain applied psychology to a friend. Said he:

"Bill, the 'ole gyme's jest this. Yer gets hup of a mornin', feelin' orl dahn in the mouth, an' yer kids yerself till yer smilin', an' then - blimy if yer don't find a pun in yer pocket!"

Now, that is just what occult psychology is not. You don't "kid yourself". You make no attempt to deceive subconsciousness. You learn the truth about yourself, tell yourself that truth, and act upon it.

All that keeps anybody sick, miserable, or in want, is ignorance of the truth about human personality, its place in the scheme of things, and its powers. This ignorance colors and shapes the suggestions which are passing continually from the self-conscious level of our minds to subconsciousness. It makes us tell lies to ourselves. Because subconsciousness is always amenable to suggestion, these lies become its patterns which it proceeds to work out. The remedy is truth.

People accept the lie that sickness is to be expected every little while and subconsciousness does its best to fulfill that expectation. They accept the lie that all the resources and most of the opportunities have been appropriated by a few lucky individuals. Because they expect to be poor, subconsciousness works hard to give form to that expression. They accept the lie that happiness is for the few and number themselves among the many. The only pattern they give subconsciousness is one which brings the misery they invite.

The occult aspirant should reject these and similar lies. In their place he should constantly affirm the truth. Namely:

Sickness should be a rare exception. We have every reason to expect continual good health. There is enough wealth for everybody - an inexhaustible supply always available for any person who knows how to get in touch with it. Any one can be happy, and will be happy, when he learns to live by the laws of his own spiritual nature. An occult aspirant, therefore, trains himself to expect health, to create specific images of prosperity and happiness. He makes no attempt to deceive his subconsciousness. His knowledge of that plane of mental activity enables him to understand that it possesses power, wisdom and materials more than sufficient to bring into full manifestation any desirable condition. Rightly instructed human beings learn that through subconsciousness they are already in touch with everything in the way of raw material required for conversion into any particular forms or conditions they may desire to see made manifest as actual physical realities in their immediate environment.

Such a person knows that in a sense he already has what he wants, just as a goldsmith in a perfectly appointed workshop knows that in the raw gold on his bench, in the tools before him, and in his own skill, he already has the beautiful chalice which presents itself to his mind's eye.

The outward circumstances of many persons seem to be in direct contradiction to the conditions they desire. Millions of human beings are actually sick, actually poor, actually unhappy, yet we know that the power which enters into every human life through subconsciousness is fully able to change these conditions whenever we work with it in the right way. Because this knowledge has been subjected to rigorous tests, we know that you possess, at this moment, everything essential to the actual physical expression of every detail of the aim you formulated while you were studying the first lesson.

Getting in touch with the exhaustless riches of the Limitless Substance involves a transformation of old habit-patterns of thinking, feeling and expectation. When you learn how to feel rich in spirit, you will have access to the fountain which never runs dry. You do not lie to yourself when you learn to pour out gratitude to the Lord of Life for inner riches. For the miracle of sight which enables you to experience a tree, a sky, a bird on wing - the face of a loved one. For the miracle of sound, bringing awareness of the song of Life as it expresses through music, the human voice - and the symphonies of Mother Nature. For the miracle of touch, the breeze caressing your cheek - the touch of God, through the myriad forms. These are riches indeed, and as you practice feeling and expressing your growing awareness of these-blessings, you start opening up the channels through which fulfillment comes. We quote from MATTHEW 13:12-13: "For whosoever hath, to him shall be given, and he shall have more abundance: but whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken away even that he hath.

"Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand."

Though these ideas are probably familiar to you, the important thing to realize is that you are going to be given very specific instructions so that you will truly learn how to "see" and "hear" and "understand". The first seven lessons are condensed re-statements of occult principles which also aim to get you started into motion towards Self-fulfillment. The Tarot studies will help you to dissolve the negative subconscious patterns and replace them with the vital conscious images you are now building.

At this moment, you possess what you want as a mental fact. A mental fact is just as real, just as actual, as a physical fact. You can't wear a mental dress, to be sure, nor ride in a mental automobile. Yet you will never wear the physical garment, nor drive the physical car, until you grasp and apply the truth that the mental picture of a desirable condition is a real possession which you must cling to until it is materialized as a physical actuality.

Keep your mental pattern steadily before your mind's eye. Think of it as an actual, present reality. Dream of it. Dwell upon it. Perfect its details. Then turn it over to subconsciousness as explained in this and the following lessons. As day follows night,

what you have created mentally will be experienced by you as a visible, tangible, physical reality.

Visualization, or making definite mental images, is of utmost importance in practical occultism. The more detailed the picture, the clearer will be the pattern. Sir Francis Galton, a leader among the older Psychologists, wrote:

"The free action of a vivid visualizing faculty is of much importance in connection with the higher processes of generalized thought... A visual image is the most perfect form of mental representation whenever the shape, position, and relation of objects to space are concerned... The best workmen are those who visualize the whole of what they propose to do before they take a tool in their hands... Strategists, artists of all denominations, physicists who contrive new experiments, and in short, all who do not follow routine, have need of it... A faculty that is of importance in all the technical and artistic occupations, that gives accuracy to our perceptions and justice to our generalizations, is starved by lazy disuse instead of being cultivated in such a way as will, on the whole, bring the best return."

By making up your mind, when first you began to study this course, what it is you want next, you have taken the first step toward the formation of mental images to be materialized by subconsciousness. Now you will be instructed in specific practices which will enable you to complete those images, and will show you how to impart to them the magical suggestive power which will cause subconsciousness to bring them into actual physical form.

Whatever your aim may be, when it has been accomplished it will take some physical shape. Just what will it be? To get a specific answer to this question is the next step in your progress toward actual realization. Take pencil and paper, and write down replies to the following questions:

1. What color will be shown by the thing which embodies your desires? Suppose you

want a healthy body. Your mental image must include the ruddy glow of

health in the cheeks; the clear whiteness of the eyeballs; the wholesome tint of

normal skin; the translucence of healthy fingernails. These are just a few of

the color details which go with a healthy body. Find out what the others are,

and build them into your image.

Suppose you want a house? What is to be its color outside? What is the color scheme for the rooms? For the furniture?

Suppose you want to be "of service", or to "evolve spiritual consciousness". These

are essentially good aims, but in this form they are too indefinite. To be of

service means doing something, and you can't do anything that doesn't

involve physical details. What colors have these details? To evolve spiritual

consciousness will make a difference in your body and its surroundings. Find

the colors which go with that difference.

2. What sounds will be characteristic of the embodiment of your desire? If health is your aim, do you know how the voice of a perfectly healthy person sounds? At first you may not be able to think of many sound images in connection with your ideal of a house, but try! You will be amazed. No matter what you want, sounds are connected with it. Imagine them.

3 What characteristic movements, and directions of movement, will be manifested by the thing to be brought into existence by the materialization of your desire? Here is scope for a great many vivid details.

4 Of what materials will it be composed? Are they coarse or fine? Hard or soft?

Warm or cold? Light or heavy?

5 What other sensations, besides those included in your answers to the foregoing questions, will be aroused by the thing you want?

Go over every detail of your image. Set down every one on paper. Use definite words. If you describe a color, find out just what color it is. When you consider size and weight, be specific.

Do this work with pencil and paper. You will find your mental image growing clearer, more vivid. Details of movement are particularly important. They apply also to stationary things like a house. See yourself approaching from the street, entering the front door, walking through every room. See yourself in every room doing the things for which that room is intended. The more detail you put into this kind of imagery, the better.

Make your image in the present tense. Sec, whatever you imagine as a present reality. If your image has to do with some pursuit, some kind of endeavor, some personal relationship with other people, mentally go through the various actions involved and see them as they actually are, that is, present realities on the mental plane.

This is mental creation. Your mental pictures are realities which you possess at the moment you contemplate them. They may be mere outlines or they may be living pictures. If they are living pictures, in three dimensions, having solidity, weight, form, color and action, they will materialize more rapidly than mere outline sketches in black and white. Follow the instructions carefully and even your first attempts will have a good deal of body and color. Eventually you will find yourself doing mental sculpture instead of rough sketches on a fiat surface.

This practice in making mental images has to with the physical results of realization. It is preliminary to the special imagery which will call forth subconscious powers that bring these results into actual manifestation. That is another kind of imagery. You will find it described in Lesson 7 which begins giving explanations of the significance of Tarot symbolism.

For the present, practice seeing what you want and keeping it before your mind's eye as a reality. Devote at least a week to carrying out this instruction.

You have now learned how to make patterns. In Lesson 6 you will be told how to transfer them to subconsciousness.