Telepathic Mind reader SOFTWARE

The Telepathic Mind reader is a program that will let you to know what a person in concrete thinks about a question or a situation. The program works with symbols in 2 bases: numerological base 10 or Tarot base 22

The program requires Tele Hypnosis Pro 1.o (or up versions) or Radionics Workstation in order to transmit the question to the person; After using Tele Hypnosis Pro or Radionics Workstation during a concrete number og hours (see below), it will make the astral substance of the person to react to that question; then, the use of Telepathic Mind Reader will detect the vibration of the astral substance, giving you an approximated idea of the reaction of the person to that question; this program won't provide you absolute answers, nor a very concrete answer, but will give you essential information about the reaction that the question has had over that person, using the universal language of symbols, the language used for the telepathic communications.


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