The Mind

The mind has conceived millions of thoughts and ideas which have shaped our world; hence mind power is a form of strength. What you will be able to do after you read this book is to strengthen your ability to think and use your thoughts to shape reality. This is the ultimate reason you purchased this manual: to influence others and your environment. Once you learn how to unleash the power of your thoughts, you will detect subtle but wonderful changes in your life.

Enhancing your thought energy is accomplished by one main skill-- becoming conscious. You must be aware of your true self, and your surroundings. I will teach you how to Ďbecome fully consciousí like a zen master. Consciousness is of penultimate importance for psychically-induced mental influence. Throughout this manual, you will develop your powers of concentration and visualization. These skills are the foundation of mind power control. Having accomplished these basic skills, you will learn how to activate and heighten your other senses of hearing, touch and smell to further intensify the control you possess over your hidden powers.

Hidden Frequencies

It is important that you understand that there is more that goes on around you than you are aware of. An illustration, for clarity: You carry within your belief system certain things that you cannot see with your eyes. You donít think about these things; nevertheless, you affirm its existence. For instance, you detect aromas but you cannot generally see the odor as it wafts in the air. You snuggle in front of television, but you cannot see the radio waves coming into your antenna. You can hear music sounds from a hi-fi but you canít generally see those sound vibrations with your eyes.

You cannot see these things with your physical eyes in everyday living but a part of you is conscious of these seemingly invisible things. Is it not intriguing that you are not able to see many things around you; nevertheless you are conscious or aware of the fact that they do exist. These invisible entities are not a bizarre concept to you even though you might not fully understand the science behind them. You absorb it within and take it as a reality. When it transforms into your reality, you usually donít give it conscious thought.

With all the invisible frequencies, radio waves, and plasma emanations that pass through us from our environment, why do we overlook that there is human invisible frequency that passes through us? The knowledge that your mind has the ability to affect the events and world around has been toyed around for eons. It has been ascribed various labels, such as positive thinking, goal discernment and even white magic. The mind has tremendous power. And truly, it can create reality out of the immaterial. Seduction and mental influence is just a small fraction of the applications of mind power. It is necessary to learn about the unseen things around you. This invisible world around you will become your reality as you begin to practice mind power techniques. Through discipline, you can reign in your untapped powers and focus it upon results.

Unlike chaotic invisible particles zooming around your meatloaf in a microwave, the invisible energy realms around you can be harnessed and taken control of. You may never actually see these invisible realms with your physical vision, but this will never stop you from wielding these unseen forces to realize your wishes. As you begin to do this, this new awareness will become your reality, and then emanations coming from your brain to the brain of others will become as easy as activating your TV set. By harnessing such thought waves, you induce a strong psychic rapport which serves to attract others irresistibly to you.

The ultimate aim of this tome is to allow you to influence others without ever uttering a word or making explicit gestures. It is solely through your mind that you will control, seduce and manipulate the will of others. Understand that you are going to be learning how to influence others through covert tactics.

The techniques presented in this manual are for the mental seduction of others. A bonus is that the system can be extended to suit your other needs. Furthermore, this book also teaches you how to use the universal forces for other self-improvement purposes. Psychic healing, telepathy and psychic command are among them.

Just as with Ph.D of Persuasion, most of the theory has been milled away, leaving the core application of mind power techniques. This book seeks to teach methods with as minimal explanation of theory as possible. Just as you operate a TV with the barest perception to its operation, you will confidently activate your latent powers of mental influence without understanding why it is working in the first place. But rest assured, it WILL work.

From the moment of its conception, this book was destined to be a concise manual under thirty pages, which will be a "survival book" to be rapidly referred to. The development of this book actually began four years ago, but its release had been temporarily halted because much study was first carried out to ascertain the veracity of its theory and application.

Use this book as a reference for mind power developments. Read once, then get about practicing the techniques. Donít stop your training at any level. Push on and reap the benefits. Remember that only you possess this power. That is your advantage.

In a while you will master mental seduction techniques; you shall insert potent thoughts into others minds compelling others to be attracted to you as if it was their own idea. Powerful?

Truly. This is ultimate influence since the person never realizes they are being seduced! You hold a powerful weapon of seduction.

Wield your powers wisely.