Electronics Shematic:  Electronic Mind Control

Control people's minds with this amazingly simple technology. The Mind Control Machine converts your voice into something called Silent Sound. 

It is basically a special format the brain can understand without your conscience awareness of any message. In technical terms, it frequency modulates your voice data at 16 kHz in a special format that affects our unconscous mind. It sounds a bit like some kind of secret military communications. 

The human brain however is able to interpret these messages perfectly. This mind control technology has been around for many years and in fact there are many U.S. patents on it. It definitely works and it has been used for many years by our government and by large corporations. 

The government used this technology during Desert Storm to influence the Iraqi's to surrender. They set up huge radio transmitting towers near the battle zone and transmitted powerful Silent Sound messages to the Iraqi's to surrender. Others will do anything you program them to. Get that raise you always wanted. Solid-State circuit works great on women too.

PRICE: $100

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