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SOFTWARE:Tele Hypnosis Pro De Luxe Multisession 20 HOT!
Remote Mind Control Software 

Tele Hypnosis Pro - Ultimate radionics (electronic magick) and psychotronics software, offering you: mind control, remote seduction, computerized magick operations and quick self hypnosis. An unique piece of radionics software that combines the best of psychotronics, mind control and theurgy (high magick). 

Tele Hypnosis Pro is an advanced radionics software designed for the remote mind control and distance delivery of subliminal messages and commands, allowing you to persuade and influence a person remotely to do, feel or think what you wish; you can use it for remote seduction, influencing remotely a woman / man remotely to love you with passion; you can use it too for erotic hypnosis, for example, to ignite and boost the sexual desire of your wife / husband and relive a second honey moon full of love and sex. Or you can use it to influence your boss for a promotion, etc. 

Tele Hypnosis Pro works allowing you to focus and concetrate your wish, and after, in a automatic way, amplifies it, and starts to send continuous subliminal messages remotely ahead to the subconscious mind of the target person, provocating a natural and progressive self reprogrammation of thoughts, feelings and beliefs in that person; all the process is natural and progressive, so the target person will never know that has been submited to remote mind control; so, if you use Tele Hypnosis Pro for remote seduction, for example, the person will start to show a progressive interest for you, and with more sessions, will definitively and passionately fall in love for you, and will never suspect that she or he was submited to the remote mind control because the effect was progressive, not suddenly. 

Tele Hypnosis Pro doesn't work in a physical environment; it uses the etheric medium (the ether is a spiritual world situated between the physical and the astral worlds), provocating etheric discharges that produce powerful etheric waves carrying the subliminal messages and commands, that arrive to the etheric body of the objective person (the aura is the emanation of the etheric body) that absorbs them (through the use of the Radionics Index Number, more information about is avalaible in the manual of the program) and arrive to the subconscious mind, that is the final goal, where these subliminal messages and commands are processed. The distance between your computer and the target person is not a problem for the success of Tele Hypnosis Pro. 

Remember that the best advantage of Tele Hypnosis Pro, the ultimate radionics and psychotronics software, is that the most of the process is automatic, meaning that you can be sleeping while the program is being executed and influencing the person remotely. This is a big advantage compared to the traditional radionics machines, where you needed to be sit in the front of the machine and be concentrated too to make the machine work. Say welcome to the radionics software Tele Hypnosis Pro and say welcome too to the automatized radionics. 

Another advantage is that you don't need extra tools or device like orgone generators or accumulators; the program includes everything to work finely so you won't need to purchase extras. 

And another big advantage is that Tele Hypnosis Pro is sold as shareware, meaning that you can download and try it for free before purchasing. 

Tele Hypnosis Pro allows you perform mind control operations remotely, including operations of remote seduction; here is a list of some of the operations you can do with Tele Hypnosis Pro remotely: 

-Seduce remotely a person and get she or he loves you with passion and desperation. 

-Influence the marriage as group to recover the love and respect. 

-Improve the sexual desire of your wife / husband and get more frequent and better sex. 

-Influence your husband or wife to ensure the marital fidelity. 

-Influence your children to get they study harder, more time, and more profitable; influence them to improve their learning skills, boosting their concentration, memory and intelligence. 

-Oblige people to pay the doubts and bills. 

-Influence your children to avoid they consume drugs, and also provocate hostility with their friends and break the friendship in order to avoid your children be suggested by the influences of bad friends. 

-Perform a Tele Hypnosis Pro's operation over your boss to get a promotion or salary increase. 


Obviously the power of Tele Hypnosis Pro for remote mind control is very high, but did you know that you can use the program for self hypnosis? the answer is yes, the proceediment is exactly the same than using the program to influence other person, but using it over yourself. This is the easiest way to practice self hypnosis without needing tiring sessions of concentration and visualization or listening to self hypnosis cds hundreds of times. You set up the program, let it working, and that's all! you can be working at the office, or you can be camping or walking with your wife or husband while Tele Hypnosis Pro is influencing you remotely. Following is a list with some of the self hypnosis purposes that you can use Tele Hypnosis Pro for: 

-Quit smoking 

-Weight loss 

-Improvement of sexual performance 

-Control premature ejaculation 

-Anger and stress management 


-Enhancement of your mind skills like logic, memory and intelligence 

-Control of phobias 

-Sleep easily in the night 

-Improve your self esteem and confidence 


Aditional high magick abilities: The power of Tele Hypnosis Pro, the ultimate radionics software, is very high, but there are sometimes in which you can need a lot of power or help; for these cases, Tele Hypnosis Pro is designed and prepared to allow you perform complex magick operations to attract the power and energy of the spiritual spheres 

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Radionics Software List - Hi Tech Magick 
Get Now! For Mind Control. Hurry! get one now! HOT!
- Tele Hypnosis Pro 1.0
- Tele Hypnosis Pro 2.0

- Self Hypnosis Engineering Studio Pro
- Tele Hypnosis Pro De Luxe Multisession 04
- Tele Hypnosis Pro De Luxe Multisession 20
- EnchanterX 2.0
- SpellKaster 1.5
- Manifestation Master Full
- Astral Interface 4.0
- Astral Interface 5.0
- Ultra Spiritual Protection
- Chaos Magick Spell Caster
- Telepathic Mind Reader
- Orgone Condensation Unit
- BrainWave Generator


- Brain Bullet 1.1
- SoundWeave Producer Pro
- Energy Medicine Program
- Emotional Freedom Computerized Program
- NLCP Deluxe Therapist Version
- Quantum Radionics
Miscellaneous Tools

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Subliminal Mp3 Collection English
- Digital Drug

- Astral Travel

- Energy Boast

- Increase Creativity

- Deep Meditation

- Mind Power

- Conscious Dreams

- Quantum Sub Peak Sexual Health
- Sacred Frequency DNA Activation

Mores Subliminal Mp3

- Sensationalist Subliminal

- Transformics Subliminal

- The Revolutionist Subliminal

- The Matrix Subliminal

- Sexual Manifestation

- Illuminating Your Lover's Passion

- Remote Influence

- Walking Meditation

- Awaking Kundalini


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- The Subliminal Black Book v 1.0 << Resell Right

- The Secret Of Sex Magick

- Making Pheromones At Home (Easy 123) = USD20
Occult Knowledge (Javanese Occult) = Best Seller

- Aina E Amaliyat Part II
- 140 Ancient Secret Mantra = USD50

- Love Spells Collections {POTENT} (182 Pages)  = USD150

- Radionics Spell Book (19 Pages)  = USD25

<< Best Seller Rare Book

- Secret Spells Of The Romany Gypsies
- Practical Magical Evocation
- Invincible Spells Of The Afghan Mullah Senees
- The Powerful And Deadly Spells Of The Javanese
- African Love And Money Rituals

- MFUMU African Medicine Man

- Sacred Babylonian Words of Power

- Viking Magick Chants
- Necronomicon's Book Of The Old Ones

- The Dark Side of The Moon


  More Ebooks



New Technology Electronics Shematic  (Language: English)
- Electronic Mind Control
- Sonic Devastator

- Electronic Gadgets For The Evil Genius
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EBOOK - Ilmu Pengasih Tanpa Syirik V1.5 (Language: Malay)
Dapatkan sekarang! KAU MEMANG DEBOM!

Mengapa ia perlu untuk saya? Ia sesuai untuk:-


Yang ingin mencari pasangan.
Yang ingin mencari kawan.
Yang ingin melariskan jualan.
Yang bertujuan seks.
Yang lambat dapat jodoh.
Yang ingin mengukuhkan perhubungan.


Ebook - Ilmu Pengasih Tanpa Syirik
Hanya RM80 sahaja. Untuk Maklumat lanjut




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File Format: PDF


*Tidak Termasuk Pakej Ilmu Di Bawah Ini.



Ilmu Pengasih (Language: Malay) File: Ms word

Ilmu Pengasih Panah Ranjuna
Ilmu Kundang Semangat 
Ilmu Seru Gambar 
Ilmu Pengasih Imam Mahadi 
Ilmu Mentera Seru Semangat 
Ilmu Pemanis Seri Muka 
Ilmu Pengasih Satu Purnama 
Ilmu Pengasih Ratu Ajasmoro 
Ilmu Pengasih Puteri Laut Selatan 
Ilmu Memuja Kekasih

Mahar: RM100


Untuk Pengasih Berkaitan Seks

- Aji Asmara Tantra
- Cara Bangkitkan Birahi
- Ayat Pengasih Berahi
- Ilmu Pengasihan Kirim Mimpi
- Ilmu Pengasihan Birahi
- Ilmu Pengasih Sinduka Sunkalantaka
- Ilmu Pembakar Birahi
- Pelet Merica

Mahar: RM100



12 Knowledge Paper (Ilmu Ghaib)
English HOT!

Ilmu Kesaktian | Kerejekian | Rukyah | Dan Lain-lain Malay


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