Invincible Spells Of The Afghan Mullah Senees

Invincible Spells Of The Afghan Mullah Senees 

** By Mohammed Ali, 

Mullah Sensee I never seen the Talismans in this book even one dating back thousands of years, This comes from Pagan sources and if found on your person in any Middle Eastern County you would be INSTANTLY KILLED!! 

Many risked their lives to bring this to the west. This Limited edition may not be offered much longer as the pressures against these people are so great now. They come from a time of real magic. Some say the beginnings of all magic came from this region. 

BUY IT NOW. This smuggled out copy is little low quality in the printing area but, easy to read and follow. Simplely copy the Sigils and use as instructed!!! This is one of the Rarest texts in the world!! With most Ancient book burned and stolen in the choas of war you may never get a chance to ever get this type of book again.... 

Spells going back 1400 years from Mullah Sensees! One of THE most sought after Finnbarr books since its release! Learn what the professional Sorceres know but don't want YOU to know! These are the most powerful 21 pages you will ever read!! 

This almost guarantees you will be successfull!!!!

PAGES: 21 Pages Long

PRICE: $25

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FILE FORMAT: PDF (Acrobat Reader)