Neuro-Linguistic Computer Program
( NLCP Deluxe Therapist Version )

Welcome to the world of computerized NLP. This computer program is called  Neuro-Linguistic Computer Program (NLCP). It runs well established NLP patterns for you that heretofore you had to do by visualization. NLCP contains two different programs. One is called Cyber Submodality and the other is called Cyber Swish. This is a newly developed program and it is being sold at a discount price in order to introduce it into the NLP market. It eventually will be priced at $149 or more. The reason for that is it is a specialty item program.

While NLP is well known among the more enlightened, it still does not have a widespread following in the general population. In other words Corel or Abode will not likely be making NLP computer programs in the near future. Therefore, the development costs of making this program will have to eventually be spread out among a relatively small number. But right now it is more important to us to get the program out in circulation than to break even.


Deluxe Therapist Version Includes Certification

What you are bidding on is the Deluxe Therapist Version of NLCP. This version allows you to develop a client's session and then save it for as a configuration file. The owner of this version is granted a limited license for the purpose of reproducing this configuration file onto a CD disk for the private use at home of the client or friends. This version includes an individualized Certificate which acknowledges you as a certified operator of the program and grants you the limited license (see picture). This turns any therapist's office immediately into a high tech operation for only the cost of having a computer that burns CDs! But you do not have to be a therapist to use this Deluxe Version. You can use this limited license to make configuration files for friends and family members. If it is a program for your significant other, don't forget to include a submodality program that turns YOUR picture up big and bright! LOL

Cyber Submodality

Cyber Submodality uses the submodalities of the visual representation system to help your brain change the way it codes the submodalities of whatever it is you are wanting to change. The way we code a picture in our mind determines the feelings and emotions we attach to it as well as how attracted we are toward it. Cyber Submodality uses the visual submodalities of size, distance, color vs. black and white, and brightness. These are considered the most powerful submodality drivers of our brains. You can also control the visual submodality of associated / disassociated by using the easy to follow instructions included with this program that teach you picture selection.

You can take any JPEG picture and load it into Cyber Submodality. If you want to decrease the feelings and attraction to the object or behavior shown in the picture, simply click on the Decrease Submodality button and start the program. The picture starts out big and bright (the way we tend to code things we like) and shots it off in the distance while at the same time reducing the color brightness and then turning it into black and white. It shrinks it all the way down until it fades away completely. Here is an example. Let's say you love chocolate but chocolate doesn't do much for your waistline. Simply place a picture of your favorite chocolate in Cyber Submodality and click the Decrease Submodality button. Then just set back and watch it. As the submodalities chance, your brain starts coding it differently. Your desire for chocolate goes away. Can it be that easy? If you are familiar with NLP principals, you know the answer is yes. NLP is designed to make rapid change!

If you want to increase good feelings or your attraction to something, just load Cyber Submodality with a picture that shows the object or behavior you want to feel differently about and hit the Increase Submodality button. So let's say now that you no longer crave that chocolate you decide you want to eat more low fat yogurt. Load the picture of the yogurt and set back and relax as Cyber Submodality goes to work changing the submodalities for you.

How important is submodality coding to the way we feel? Just ask Elton John. In his song "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" he describes being depressed over a love relationship this way: "All my pictures seem to fade to black and white"!

Cyber Swish

Cyber Swish automatically runs the famous NLP SWISH pattern. As Richard Bandler says, "the SWISH pattern directionalizes the brain." Richard describes the SWISH pattern as telling the brain "Not this, THIS!" It takes a cue picture of current behavior and directs the brain to moves to different behavior coded in the desired state picture.

This program starts out by showing a picture of the undesired state in big, up close, bright color. It then SWISHES it with a picture of the desired state. As the SWISH occurs, the undesired state picture quickly fades off in the distance to black and white as the desired state picture starts off small and SWISHES up over the cue picture. Easy to follow instructions are including to teach you have to run the SWISH pattern.

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