Necronomicon's Book Of The Old Ones Kit
Book of the Old One

This is an ancient system of using the most powerful beings in the world, The Old Ones. The author tells you everything he learned and knows. In the dimly understood area of Magic, which you are about to explore, the Old Ones equate to the elemental forces of the earth. Air, Fire & water. 

You will learn how to bring the surging powers of the Old Ones into your life. But it is more than that, it is the true secrets of the Necronomicon. In the Pantheon of the Old Ones. there are six primary beings. Azathoth, Yogsothoth, Nyarlathotep. Hastur, Cthulhu, Shubniggurath. Few know that the author Lovecraft had direct contact with the Old Ones and stated that at the time he was living. He stated that he had nightly contact with the Old Ones in his dreams. 

This book is NOT a fantasy or dream. It is written by a person that has contact with and knows the REAL power in the Old Ones. He has used the power for years with fantastic results. Unlike most other texts dealing with the Necronomicon Gods forms, this text gives you to follow and PRACTICAL rituals to help you in your daily life. 

NO SPECIAL tools are needed to call upon. This easy to do system is very unique and powerful. Most Necronomicon systems require many special tools and long hours of work. 

This is a serious book for the serious occult practitioner. Learn : The Whole Secret of Magic : Heal Me : Dream of Lovecraft ; Magic Is Easy ; sign Of the Elder God ; ritual of the Old Ones ; Cult of the Old Ones : Creating your personal Necronomicon : Cast Spells the Work : Success, Wealth & Love Rituals : Increase physical Power : enslave a Partner : Protection : Destroy Enemies and much more!! 

This is so powerful of a book we had to think carefully if we wanted to print it. The Old Ones predate ALL magical systems. Their power is beyond our understanding. You need to approach them with respect they deserve or be ready to pay the price.

PAGES: 37 Pages Long

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