Ouija Board

Oui- means yes in french, Ja means yes in dutch and some other languages.

A game using a board which is marked with letters, numbers and the words "yes" and "no." A pointer on a raised platform selects a character or word. One or two players place their fingers on the platform, which moves -- apparently by magic. Many conservative Christians believe that this game is profoundly evil and dangerous and that the pointer is moved by demonic forces. Scientists who have studied the physics of the board have generally concluded that the pointer is unconsciously moved by the players. Nonetheless, two of the most well known channel (Sanaya Roman and Aona) started their practice with a ouija-board. According to some experts dysfunctional people will attract weird and bizarre entities that will highlight their aspect of their attraction. Sane and wise people will attract wise entities. Therefore, if you want to use a ouija-board for guidance it is a good if you can ask to attract the wisest entity possible for your greater good. If you have any doubt by all mean do not use the Ouija board.

Today, there is better form of channeling available and we encourage you to use these other forms instead of the Ouija-Board.