Quantum Radionics Program Linked to Chi Generator

This program that is the biggest advancement in radionics since Dr. Albert Abrams built his black circuit dial box and stop using his assistants to thump their stomachs while they were wired to tissue specimens in 1910 (talk about having a job that was hard to later explain on a resume!). Seriously, this computer program is truly a major development in the field of radionics. That is, of course, a bold statement that can be made by anyone with an internet site. So please read on and let us explain.

How it Works

If Albert Abrams invented radionics today, do you really think he would design it as a box with dials? In 1910, he was taking advantage of the technology available at that time. Today he would probably take advantage of computer technology. That is what we have done is creating this program. Also since his time, quantum physics has evolved to a level where it can now explain why a lot of this stuff works.

One of the problems with many radionics devises is that those who make them either don’t understand quantum physics or else they market their devise to appeal to our sense of understanding the physical “Newtonian” world as we experience it with our five senses. If you are doing either healing or manifesting, you are doing it on a quantum level. What makes sense to our physical senses often has no effect on the quantum level.

A common mistake is that “more is better” in terms of time. Many radionics devises brag that they can be left on 24 hours a day. One simple question. Why? Sure this appeals to our senses in the physical world that “more is better” but when you are doing radionics you are not charging the battery on your cell phone! The problem with “more is better” is that time is simply a construct we have developed in our consciousness in relationship to the physical world we are able to perceive. As Einstein explained in his space-time continuum theory, time is the fourth dimension we use to organize space in relationship to movement in the physical world. It does not exist as an absolute on the quantum level where all of this works. When you operate under the belief that a program requires days or weeks to run, at best all you are doing is structuring your intention to carry out that belief. It would be like designing an email system that took a week to deliver an email and then feeling really good about it because you believe your email must have been sent with real power if it took so long to get to its destination.

This program does just the opposite. It is designed to “warp” the construct of time in our physical world in relationship to the quantum world. The quantum field is a continuum of probability distribution of possible functions in time. It is made up of energy and information states that will subsequently manifest as a space time event in our physical world. But the field itself does not operate in absolute units of time. It will response to whatever units of time are presented to it. This program swishes the target picture with a quantum energy pattern. Each swish represents a unit of time. A control allows that unit of time to represent anywhere between one hour to one decade. You can run this program for less than one minute in physical space-time and achieve the same effect on the quantum level as if it had run for years. This time compression generates a strong level of energy most people will easily feel while it operates. With the Quantum Radionics program, you do not need to keep running the same request over and over. You run it one time for less than a minute and then you are done. If you wish to charge food, water, or the seeds for your garden, it takes about 30 seconds.

Program Includes An External Link to Powerful Chi Generator.

A common question asked about radionics programs is whether or not a Chi Generator is needed. The answer here is no. It comes with one! Actually it comes with a structural link to a very powerful one we own. The Chi Generator this program is linked to is one custom designed to be one of the most powerful ones in the world. It’s designed to be strong enough to be both a Chi Generator and a Cloud Buster. Most Chi Generators work through a structural link even if you set them next to your radionics box or computer program. There is no logical reason to buy your own Chi Generator if someone allows you to link your program to their Chi Generator. Remember, all of this works on the quantum level. That means it is all non-local and a Chi Generator a 1000 miles away works as well as one 2 feet away. On the quantum level it does not matter if one person is using the chi generator or if one million all use it at the same “time”. Time is a construct that does not apply as an absolute on the quantum level.

The structural link is a picture of our Chi Generator in the window on the program titled “External Link”. This picture is the default setting. You can, if you wish, change this setting and link it to any external source you choose. But if you try to buy a Chi Generator as strong as the one this program is already linked to, you will have to spend thousands of dollars! The price you pay for this program gives you all you will need.

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