Radionics deals with the amount of Psychic Energy, or chi, a person emits and how to use this energy to influence others in the world around you. The basic theory for this type of Magick is that everybody and everything in existence has a Universal Energy Pattern which is uniquely its own. As you become better at your skills, you will be able to tune into a person's Signal. Its sort of like a homing beacon. You create your own Psychic Energy. There are devices sold which can assist you in creating more Energy for yourself so you will more easily be able to psychically influence someone whom you wish to seduce sexually. It doesn't matter the distance from your target for you to get incredible results using this method.

The Energy Signal emitted from each person vibrates at a certain wavelength. It is measured in Hertz. You don't have to buy "Black Boxes" to attune to a persons Signal. Just use alpha state meditation and get the feel for the person you want to control the thoughts of. When you "feel" as though you have locked on to their energy frequency, you will then be able to send your thoughts and your desires to them, instantly. It is often helpful to have photos, hair samples, or personal belongings or the like of the person you are attempting to psychically influence. Then proceed to use any of the following methods to bring them to submission to your will.

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