Radionics Spell Book


Measurements - Used to measure quantity and percentage or purity of anything within 5th, 6th, and 7th planes.

Mind Read - Create telepathic link to any person and receive mental impressions from their mind.

Object lore sight - Determine information about any object such as age, origin and any other specific details.

Psychic Shield - Used to energize a protective thought form for psychic defense.

Remote viewing - Psychically view any specific location within 5th, 6th and 7th planes and gather detailed information.

Amulet Creation - Create a magical amulet that contains the following qualities: Endure the Elements, Protection from Magic, Quit Smoking, Repel Animals, Repel Evil, Repel People, and Repel Evil Spirits.

Astral projection - Travel to astral plane.

Aura Interrogation - Create telepathic link with targets etheric body and receive answers to any questions that are posed.

Control weather - Directly influences the weather.

Curse- Project curse to a target.

Deity Power - Utilize the power of any deity or god form to supply energy for your magical work.

Detect Lies - Detect if a target is being dishonest or deceitful.

Diagnose Body - Diagnose any specific target remotely for any medical conditions.

Dream Influence - Telepathically transmits audio and video images to influence dreams of any sleeping target.

Find - Determine the location of any specific item or element within a specific region.

Love Spell - Cause any specific target to fall in love with any other specific person remotely.

Lust Spell - Cause any specific target to fall in lust with any other specific person remotely.

Measure Health - Determine various health characteristics of any specific target remotely.

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