Secret Magic Spells Of The Romany Gypsies

Secret Magic Spells Of The Romany Gypsies

By C. McGiolla Cathan & M. McGrath

The gypsy people are wanders. Their ancestors are though to have come from India around A.D 1300.

They wandered through Iran to Armenia, Syria, Egypt, and North Africa. They then moved into Hungary, Romania, France, Russia, and even England. It is ones from Romania that we wild deal with.

Gypsies have always jealousy guarded their customs and traditions, so much of their magical practices are not known. But the spells and incantions that are known have proved to be very powerful.

Hitler was a black magician and feared anyone who like himself had any esoteric or occult knowledge, either good or bad. He would kill anyone that he suspected oh having occult links. For this reason thousands og gypsies in World War II were slaughtered by Hitler, and his Nazi concentration camps housed many of them.

These spells are very powerful and sacred, they must be treated with respect. If they are used wisely they will prove to be very effective.

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