Runes, the old Germanic writing, are found chiseled in rocks dating from as back as the Neolithic period. The runic alphabet,one of the oldest writings known, is graphically very simple. It consists of 24 characters . The whole alphabet - futhark -is organized in three groups

According to Scandinavian mythology, the runic alphabet was discovered by the supreme god Odin while he was for nine days and nine nights hanging head down on Yggdrasil, the tree of the World that supports the whole of the Scandinavian universe. Thanks to this mastering of the runes, Odin, warrior and shaman, gained the ability to cure and inspire life back into the dead,and also the power over the world of the dead. This was how the runic writing was from the very beginnings connected closely with magic and used for magic purposes and practices.

Some people use runes by laying them out flat face down and laying their hand over them and 'feeling' which one is the right one to pick up. The left hand is to receive ( in right handed people) There are several layouts, one is like the tarot layout. That is , you pick three runes and the first is your past situation, the second rune you draw is your present situation, and the third rune you draw is your future outcome, action or situation. Some people also like to just choose a rune by blindly picking one out of the rune bag. This is the method I usually prefer, only because it is the quickest and it gives me something to think about pertaining to my question.

Runes are to be kept in a special bag to keep protected. I keep mine in a gray bag to remain neutral, but when I want to do a three rune layout I do that on a piece of purple velvet material ( I do the same for my tarots). When beginning a 'relationship' with your new runes they should be kept close to you to acquire your personal energies. Some people don`t like others touching their runes. I personally don`t like anyone touching mine, I see them as quiet personal and I don't want other energies influencing. I also smear my blood on the back of the rune stones to assimilate my life force into the stones to make them more 'mine'.

There are rune cards now which are graphically pleasing to look at, but I prefer the old way and the feel of the stone runes. Perhaps the cards are for you. You`ll know which rune to choose when your receiving hand feels warm, or tingling or whatever occurs to you. I think it`s different for everyone. I know someone and when she does the runes she, she chooses by the tingling she gets in her hand and I feel a warmth and I know that's the rune I must pick up.

If you want to do a spell with a rune then choose a rune with the properties you have in mind according to your spell. Sometimes I may sleep with a certain rune under my pillow in my pillowcase when I want to know something more about a certain matter (sometimes I do this with a crystal as well).


property, or money

Myths and deities: Freyr, Brisingamen, the Dwarfs

In predicting it forecasts: prosperity, money, plentitude, wealth, satisfaction of physical and financial needs and requirements, goal, promotion/advancement, self-respect.

Upright position: financial success, inheritance,assess your efforts and actions to answer your question, fulfillment of wishes pertaining to romance and relationships

Inverse position: failures in love, low financial expectations

Use in magic purposes: for money, - business, advancement, employment, attainment of goals, commencement of new undertakings.


strength, and virility

Myths and deities: Ull, Loki, Odin as shaman

In predictions it announces: passion, vitality, instincts, wildness, sexuality, fertility, the subconscious, primitive thought, irrationality, shaman experiences, rite de passage.

Inverse position: missing out on promotions and advancements. Learn and build up endurance for the next opportunity.

Upright position: important for the questions is to develop your strength,energy, and ability to endure. Advancement in careers after great effort.

Use for magic purposes: to encourage and strengthen will, improve sexual potency and energy, hunt.


giant, bitter frost, thorn

Myths and deities: frost-giants, Loki

In predictions it announces: poverty, painful outcome of a situation, discipline, insight/knowledge, introspection, focus

Upright position: Beware!. Protect yourself. A dilemma will occur for you.You must make an important decision. Think it through then act.

Inverse position: do not make hasty thoughtless decisions. Think first everything through or you will regret your decision or what is to come of the situation bringing bad results to your relationships and/or family.

User for magic purposes: as an aid in the process of learning, assistance in meditating and attaining self-discipline, for clearing up the meaning and essence of a grave situation


Odin, father, a higher order

Myths and deities: Odin

In predictions it forecasts: authoritative personality, leader, balance of spirit and body, justice, shaman, keen intuition.

Upright position: seek assistance, authority, business,learning,investigate,inquire, ask your elders to help you with your question. Maybe you will receive word or news from an elderly or authoritative person ( parent, teacher, relative, etc.) or an unknown wiser person. This knowledge given to you that you will learn about from another is a gift to you, a gift of knowledge or something associated with knowledge or learning.

Inverse position: is there an elderly person seeking assistance from you, or someone needing your time and energy that now you find is an inconvenience. Seek help with the matter. If traveling for business it could mean an unsuccessful trip or outcome.

Use for magic purposes: for bringing wise decisions, success, achievement of leadership; as assistance in predicting and in magic


travel, progress, communication

Myths and deities: Norns, Sigurd's Travels

In predictions it announces: moving, motion,travel, change,communication, fate, searching, progress, life lessons will be learned, life goes on no matter what the outcome,

Upright position: a journey is coming up either physical or a souls journey, visit from a friend or relative, receiving news from a far away person,communication from afar, going on vacation or thinking planning one wanting a vacation to get away from it all.

Inverse position: cancellations of arrangements or plans, news from an unpleasant or unexpected person, not expecting news you hoped for, communication seems to be lost, changes you hoped for are not taking place yet. Time will come , do not let this spoil your mood.

Use for magic purposes: protection of travelers, relief or bringing change along, renewal of link


fire, light

Myths and deities: Mimir, the Dwarfs, Muspellheim

In predictions it announces: wisdom keen intuition, solution of problems, creativity, inspiration, enlightenment,gaining knowledge, expression, " you will see the light"

Upright position: in terms of relationships: successful business relations, a couple will find a solution and end their argument , two friends will come to an agreement, with love: a man will give and a woman will receive, both will express love. In all relationships the circumstances are favorable. In terms of material: a man will deliver, a woman will receive. Men, take this hint to deliver your message or gift in order to receive much happiness in the future.

Inverse position: not taking advantage of the light that has been shone on you, not accepting the knowledge, being lazy, lagging behind. Or it can stand for a loss of friendship or breakup of business deals.

Use for magic purposes: for attainment of creative inspiration, assistance in learning/studying a fertility, driving uneasiness and fears away


gift, partnerships

Myths and deities: Sigurd and Brunhild, Aesir and Vanir Accord

In prediction it announces: gift either emotional or material, proposal/offer, relation, love, marriage, partnership, generosity, unexpected good luck, making connections, strengthening or confirming relations or commitments with gifts or offerings, could mean a birth of a child

no specific upright and inverse positions: it is always a good omen

Use for magic purposes: for finding or reinforcing a love relation, fertility, bringing luck, for designation of a present, or offer


happiness, joy, victory

Myths and deities: Balder, Asgard

In predictions it forecasts: success, recognition , just reward, joy, blessedness, attainment of goals, satisfaction, fulfillment

Upward position: happiness , pleasure, satisfaction ,peace, calm. Usually is associated with fair haired people and traveling over water.

Inverse position: an emotional problem, love triangle, a third person is somehow involved

inverted position: stands for three. This rune points to emotional problems - most probably love triangle, i.e. meddling of a third person into the already existing emotional relationship. Think for three days before making any decisions, do not make hasty decisions.

Use in magic purposes: for success in everything



Myths and deities: Ragnarok, Loki, Frost Dwarfs

In predictions it announces: sudden loss, hard temptation, destruction, misfortune, accident, a drastic change

no upright or inverse positions:unexpected occurrences and changes of plans, sometimes a death.

Use for magic purposes: for elimination of unwished influences and destructive patterns



Myths and deities: Freyr and Gerda

In predictions it announces: poverty, misery, responsibility, separation, obstacles, frustration

Upright position: troubles are coming up

Inverse position: a risky adventure that is possible to prevent.

Use for magic purposes: to represent and depict the needs that are to be satisfied, met



Myths and deities: Audhumla, Niflheim

In predictions it announces: inactivity, blockage, stagnation, potentials, patience, shades, revoke, rest.

No separate upright or inverse positions: no action at this moment, wait for the things to start changing by themselves

Use for magic purposes: to halt processes, for presentation of original forms


year, harvest

Myths and deities: Sif, Thor, Freyr, Granni

In predictions it announces: change, cycle, motion, movement, productivity, unavoidable development, just reward

no specific upright and inverse positions: recognition's and rewards after a long time waiting, receiving old debts,money,might be connected with the legal system, the law.

Use for magic purposes: for bringing change about; for fertility and growth



Myths and deities: Hell, Yggdrasil

In predictions it announces: change, initiation, confrontation to fear, turning point, death

no specific upright and inverse positions: change, a way out, and end

Use for magic purposes: for brining about a complete change, for facilitation of going through life



Myths and deities: Freya, Angrboda

In predictions it announces: new birth, mystery, magic, divine influence, fertility, sexuality, new beginning, prophecy

Upright position: a hidden secret, you do not know everything ,but you will soonl,
may receive information to help you or money to assist you.

Inverse position: prepare for a disappointment because information you have received recently will prove wrong or untrue.

Use for magic purposes: for fertility, to facilitate giving birth, for success in predicting and in practices of magic, reinforcement of powers of psyche



Myths and deities: Heimdall

In predictions it announces: protection, help, support, cooperation, warning

Upright position: a positive rune. You will find the road you took is the right one. There will solutions .

Inverse position: a warning,protect yourself, don`t let people or situations take advantage of you

Use in magic purposes: for protection,success for hunting



Myths and deities: Sunna

In predictions it announces: success, positive energy, growth, power, activity, fertility, health

no upright nor inverse position: success, good times ahead, take care of your health , energy(the sun)

Use for magic purposes: for achievement of energy, strength, curing, fertility, success



Myths and deities: Tyr and the wolf Fenrir, Odin's sacrificing

In predictions it announces: duty, discipline, responsibility, self-sacrificing, dispute, strength, physical injury, warrior's path

Upright position: a love affair, full of energy and activity, you will give your all to something and achieve positive results.

Inverse position: be wary of the opposite sex you are dealing with, they may not be as passionate and reliable as you are or want them to be. It may be a friend will interfere in the affair. Your business plans may fail because you did not give your full attention or energy.

For magic purposes: for protection, victory, strength, reinforcement of will, wound healing


fertility and growth

Myths and deities: Frigg, Idun

in predictions it announces:celebration, fertility, health, new beginning, growth, removal of obstacles and barriers

Upright position: wedding or engagement is at hand for you or someone you know. Some type of family celebration is coming up, could also mean a birth within in the family is coming up

Inverse position: problems in the family, maybe relating to children or siblings, problems with pregnancy, problems between a couple.

Use for magic purposes: curing (especially of infections), achievement of , enabling new starts( the birch broom is used for pagan weddings )


horse, movement,change, travel

Myths and deities: Sleipnir, Freya's feather cloak

In predictions the rune announces: transport, movement, assistance and help, energy, power, communication, willpower, imprudence, a horse throughout history is a symbol of power,strength and movement, travel and communication)

Upright position: the direction or path you are on now is the right one. Follow your heart and dreams to find happiness and the results you want. Change of residence, changing job positions, promotions, a change is coming up for the better.

Inverse position: be wary of deals not going through. Overseas trip in store?

Use for magic purposes: for realization of power, establishment of communication, for casting spells


mankind, society

Myths and deities: Ask and Embla

predictions it announces: self in relation to others, family, relations,school, associations

Upright position: in relation to others cooperation and respect is at hand in order for the good of all. If all business deals are agreed upon then you can profit in the near future ( 30 days ?). The question has to be interpreted in a way so that everyone involved can profit, succeed or get the most results.

Inverse position: watch your back, others are in the background. Be wary of signing any deals in which you will not get your rewards. Nobody will profit if things go as they are going.

Use for magic purposes: represents an individual or it can stand for a group of people or an establishment ( business, school, etc.)


water, emotions

Myths and deities: Njord, Snake of the Midgard

In predictions it announces: just as a body of water can be calm and peaceful it can also mean danger and/or unpredictability, like peoples emotions. Fear, irrational thinking, secrets, intuition , paths of spiritual development,psychic, paranormal

Upright position: pay attention to your feelings ,but do not allow yourself to withdraw too deeply into yourself. Listen to what you are trying to tell yourself. A chance to achieve and progress yourself due to your intellect is at hand maybe( change of school?), a female may play an upcoming role pertaining to the question at hand with insight into the situation to put your fears at bay or fill you in where you don't have the answer. A woman may be wondering if she is pregnant.

Inverse position: do not dwell inside, go outside and be with others. Do not live in your unconscious mind and analyze everything ,enjoy what life has for you now, be aware of what is not seen.

Use in purposes of magic: mental stability, to reveal hidden things



Myths and deities: Freyr, Nerthus, Thor, Vanir

predictions it announces: work, productivity, growth, earthy,fertility

no upright and inverse positions: successes with fertility, new changes ,new plans, good business deals, profits, is a birth at hand?

Use for magic purposes: for fertility, agriculture, growth, overall health, balance


prosperity, fulfillment, a new dawn

Myths and deities: Sunna, Balder, Nerthus, Yggdrasil

predictions it announces: happiness, success, satisfaction, activity, realization of the wished way of life.

No upright and inverse positions: you can see the light now!, you will find a solution to your problem, significant change in life, the way you have always done something , thought of something to be will suddenly change.

Use for magic purposes: for achievement of positive results


property, possession, inheritance

Myths and deities: Nine worlds of Yggdrasil

In predictions :home, inheritance,heritage,property, land

Upright position: money, material gains ( donations, gifts, inheritance ,etc. ). Also remember that to inherit something , something else must be given up, perhaps you will inherit but also lose something else in exchange.

Inverse position: material loss, misfortune, damage, accident, failure, something is preventing you from receiving what is due you, or something will happen so that you wont receive what is due you.

Magick purposes: to complete business deals involving land and property, to strengthen family ties, anything to do with family, inheritance and property,home