Recall how thoughts have force, and how energy infuses power into your thoughts. While in this special place, you are infused with energy and are vibrating at the special resonance frequency recently discussed. This is the ideal state for mind seduction.

Once you have entered your special place, you simply have to imagine the person you wish to influence appearing before you. Try to focus on conjuring a fully three-dimensional image, such that you actually feel his/her presence.

In your mind’s eye, picture the sparkle of her eye, smell the muskiness of her perfume. Be aware of her clothes fluttering in the wind. The more intense the visualization, the stronger the mind-link you are creating with the real person.

In order to attract this person to you in the real world requires a VERY simple formula. The principle of Psychic Seduction™:

Sexual attraction can be instantly effected by mentally undressing and seducing the conjured person you see before you in your dream world.

As your mind creates this mental seduction, powerful thoughts are flowing from your mind to hers in the real world. As you seduce her in your special place, her mind is bombarded with escalating sensations of arousal. She will associate these feelings with you and consider you the source of her attraction.

Mental seduction takes little effort. First, imagine her naked, and run your fingers through her hair, across her neck and shoulders. Caress her breasts and rim her nipples gently, soothingly. At this point, the image of the person may be wavering and you may even lose sight of her body as a whole. This is no cause for alarm. Just concentrate on the body part that you are caressing and fondling.

An awareness that the person you are caressing is the person you seek to arouse is enough.

Here is a rule of utmost importance: Visualization must be comprehensive and dynamic. This requires that you don’t only see your hands fondling the object of your desire, you actually feel the sensations of your caress. You must be so immersed in your action that you actually experience the erotic touching and prodding Without the feeling sensations, you lose more than half of your power. Your thoughts will fail to generate enough force to instill desire into the thoughts of your target.

Most of your concentration should be directed to the genital area. If your target is a woman, spread her legs and fondle her clitoris and caress her vagina. See the folds of her flesh as you feel the warmth and moistness of her pubic mound. As you mentally ravish the genital area, blood will be surging into the privates of the real person. It will incite desire and extremely intense emotions. She will start to think about you and seek you out.

As you caress and fondle her breasts, vagina and legs, make the images dynamic, such that you see the orgasmic expression on her face, you hear little gasps of pleasure and your hands feel the sensation of her quivering flesh. This is called dynamic visioning (TM) and it causes your target to act in that same manner in the real world. It compels her to emotionally behave in the same manner.

When some time has elapsed, terminate the seduction by finally leading her to a climax. See and feel her buckle and quiver under your hands in the throes of orgasm. Then see her lie still and contented. Allow the image to then fade away.

How long does this session require? Twenty minutes should be enough for a start. You will have planted subliminal desire within her by then.

As you accomplish such mind power work on someone, the influence on her is instant and physical no matter how far away they are. By caressing the area you are influencing, you produce actual bodily responses, such as wetness and skin flushing. The effects typically last for about an hour. Sometimes prolonged states of arousal can result from very lucid and intense visualizing.

Very Important Note

As you go about your visualizing, you must take care not to arouse yourself!! The power of your mind will be greatest if you conduct the seduction with an almost clinical disposition. The moment your pulse quickens, the minute your heart pounds from the sexual mental images you generate, you risk speeding up your brainwave pattern beyond the theta levels and back up to the beta levels. YOU WILL CUT THE PSYCHIC CONNECTION THIS WAY! The seduction will cease.

This is why control is absolutely necessary. Restrain the horniness within you as you perform your work. Your goal is to attract others to you—not to mentally stimulate yourself. Leave that to crass amateurs and undisciplined individuals.

Mental control over others requires strict control of your own emotions. Remember, the more clinical your approach, the better. As you visualize the genitalia you stimulate, pretend to be a doctor. Doctors do not get horny.