Stone Shapes

Holey Stones  
Stones with natural ( caused by the elements not man) holes are considered extremely magical. Protective in nature they are a symbolic of the Mother of Creation. Looking through the hole in the moonlight, and you may see visions, ghosts, and other nonphysical entities.  

Diamond Shaped Stones  
Diamond shaped stones remind of the precious gem , and therefore are attributed with attracting riches.  

Pyramid Shaped Stones  
Concentrate and release energies up through the tip. Placing a dollar bill under the stone and visualizing the moneys energy flow up and through the stone to bring you prosperity.  

Body Part Shaped Stones  
Stones that resemble body parts are used to heal or strengthen that part of the body it resembles.  

L shaped stones  
Stones that have an L shape are used to bring good fortune 

Triangular Shaped Stones  
Stones that have a triangular shape are said to be protective and are worn or carried for this purpose.  

Heart Shaped Stones  
Heart shaped stones as you might have guessed are used to bring love to the person wearing the stone. They also are used for keeping the relationship you are in true. And can be used to bring a self love .  

Square Shaped Stones  
Symbolize the Earth, Prosperity ,and abundance.  

Egg Shaped Stones 
Stones that hold the shape of the egg are used to help maintain focus on creativity and bring fresh ideas to the person wearing the stone.  

Round And Long Stones  
Round and long stones are used in conjunction with other love stones to bring added power to the spell.  

Long, Thin Stones  
These stones are obvious phallic symbols. They are protective and represent electricity and represent the great God of Pagan religions.  

Round Stones  
These stones represent the receptive powers of the universe, of magnetism and the Mother Goddess. Linked with the female reproductive system, they can be used to represent the woman in a healing spell. They are the keys to spirituality and unfolding your psychic powers. Used in love spells and all manners of attraction spells.