Your brain functions like a television set—it receives and emits electrical impulses. These frequencies are the intervals in which electrical activity within your brain cells are measured.

Everything around you emits frequencies that can be measured and charted. Everything from a telephone to car engines to computer monitors to a lightning storm. Colors emit frequencies. All life, likewise, emit these impulses. These unseen frequencies all traverse through you. The Earth itself vibrates with an assortment of frequencies.

You and the planet resonate with each other and share energy between each other. The Schumann Resonance Theory points out that the earth’s magnetic field vibrates at a steady 7.83Hz tone This is the resonance frequency of the Earth's magnetic field, making it a very natural meditation frequency for meditation. If you can somehow lower your bodily and mental frequencies to this level, you tune in to the vast unquenchable supply of life energies pervading the entire planet. It is this energy that will enable you to empower your thoughts and project it with such force that reality is reshaped with your mind alone.

In order to unleash your mind seduction techniques on the person you are trying to influence, you infuse your thoughts with this Shumann Resonance frequency and draw upon yourself a vortex of energy. Hence, your thoughts become concrete and real and actually have an effect in the environment.

There is another reason why you want to lower your brain frequency to the 7.83Hz level. At this tone, your thoughts easily penetrate the minds of others at a subliminal level. The bottom-line: you create strong emotions and feelings within the other person that he accepts to be his own. This is of vital importance!

When you fully grasp the frequencies of the mind, you’ll understand how other people’s thought waves can easily get in sync with yours. Your environment (infused with energy) will assist in this exhilarating process.

Thus the key to mind power control and all other forms of psychic manipulation (telepathy, healing, etc) is to lower your mental frequency to match the earth’s, and thereby tune in. Once in sync with the planet, you automatically absorb large quantities of energy that you can project into your thoughts.

Thus you will find your power to manifest will happen easier and quicker.

Extensive research established that the human brain vibrates at certain frequencies depending upon what the mind is doing. EEG results show that when a person is wide awake, the frequency range of the brain/mind is 14 - 30 cps (cycles per second or hertz). This is known as the "beta" state of mind. In this condition, the mind is engaged in active pursuits and alert.

Below the beta state of mind are a series of other mental conditions. The chart illustrates:

ALPHA: 7 - 13 cps Day dreaming condition; highly meditative state. Associated with super learning and enhanced memory

THETA: 3.5 - 7 cps Deeply relaxed condition; the exact moment when you fall asleep. Associated with extrasensory skills and psychic abilities.

DELTA: 0.5 – 3.5 cps Deep, very deep sleep. A stage of heightened immunity.

You unconsciously access all of these different states throughout the day. When you have sufficiently advanced your mind, you can access or get into any of these states at will. Let this be one of your objectives.

These four states meld together so that you experience high and lows of each brainwave state. If your brainwaves hum at 7hz, it could be considered low alpha or very high theta. When your brain accesses these different states, you experience things differently and your thoughts acquire surprising effects on you and your environment

The alpha and theta state is found to be the most effective condition for mind power exercises.

The lower the state, the more rested your brain is. In conclusion here are three main reasons why you need to change your brainwave cycle when you want to mentally control others or your environment just with your mind:

 You vibrate at the Shumann Resonance which allows you to tune in to the earth’s natural field. At resonance level, you draw in massive amounts of energy which empower your thoughts for irresistible control.

 Your ability to use your mind increases and empowers your mind power work. You must be able to access different states of awareness and different levels of consciousness. In these states, your heart rate slows down and your body relaxes. Your mind will have more time to effect the objectives of your techniques. Ultimately, it is your focus that does the job.