Telekinesis means movement of objects with mind power. From my point of view , telekinesis is achieved by projecting a portion of your consciousness in the object that you want to move.

When this portion of your consciousness is melting and experiencing the object then movement is possible. One technique that works for telekinesis is to concentrate on the object , consider the object an extension of yourself , a part of your being. When you have a sense that you are projected in the object then you can attempt a movement . As you and the object are now the same , see the object as your third hand and move it.

You do not achieve telekinesis with will-power in fact will power will be detrimental because you affirm that you are separate and you cannot move something separate from you with your mind alone. The simplest form of telekinesis is dowsing with a pendulum , where you project a part of your consciousness in the pendulum to answer questions with a yes or no by moving the pendulum in a particular direction. Why the pendulum doesnít move when you donít hold it ? Because the link is simply cut off ,itís no longer an extension of yourself, holding the pendulum make it easier to project inside of it.

Something you can try :

A/ Fill a bowl with water then let fall a drip of oil in the recipient . As the oil is lighter than water , the oil will float on the surface.

Try to move the oil with your mind , imagine that you are one with the oil then try to move it.

B/ Take one sewing needle and a paperboard. Fix your sewing needle in this piece of paperboard so that, when you pose the paperboard on the table, it maintains the needle right, points upwards. Then, take a sheet of paper and a compass. Draw a circle of around 10 centimeter ( 3.94 inch). Cut this circle and put it on the top of the sewing needle. Try to turn this circle with your mind .