Theta State

Before you ever attempt mind seduction, telepathy, healing, or magick, first lower your brainwave state. The ideal state is the theta state. At this level, you are supremely relaxed.

You know you have reached the theta state when you are no longer conscious of your body. Outside sounds and impressions no longer register upon your senses. All that is and everything that shall be, exists in your mind. It is only your mind and your mind’s thoughts that exist in the theta state. At the theta state, you are vibrating at the earth’s frequency (some people actually feel ripples and tremors) and absorbing a great deal of energy. Your thoughts are lucid… and more importantly, very very powerful.

So the first step is to lower your brain wave state. There are three methods. The first is The Brainwave Entrainment Technique™, the second is the Corrector Technique™, and the third is the Color Entrainment Technique™. All are powerful.

The Brainwave Entrainment Technique ™

On the Psychic Seduction website is a special "preset" data file to be used with the Brainwave Generator ™ (created by Noramaa Solutions). The preset is called Deep Mind Three which generates the Shumann Resonance frequency. This file uses binaural rhythms with the sole objective of causing your brainwaves to lower to the ideal level. Import the preset and activate Brainwave Generator. It will take about 5 minutes for your brain to descend to a relaxing theta level.

While listening to the sounds from your headphones, you must be lying down, legs uncrossed and arms at the sides. Avoid placing pillows under your head (you may get a cricked neck.) With the lights out, and the doors locked, close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply and listen to the music guide you down a series of relaxed states. You know you’ve reached the theta state when your awareness of the outside world has disappeared. Electronic BrainWave entrainment for those who find it hard to use the Corrector Technique™ and the Color Entrainment Technique™. It is alright to use this technique for short term only.

After awhile, you should rely on your own power to bring down your brainwave state. Depending on the external systems for relaxation is like using a crutch to walk forever. Eventually, you must walk on your own. On a side note, please be forewarned of the expected side-effects of this mp3 file (all very GOOD I assure you.) First, this program decreases your need for sleep. You will notice needing less than 6 hours of rest per day. Second, your energy levels will increase after each listening. It is like waking from a long nap. Finally, you may experience flashes of creativity and extreme lucidity. Feel free to use this program file for other purposes other than mind power preparation. Using these brainwave regulating frequencies on a regular basis has a known side-effect of permanently conditioning the mind. Listening to theta sound waves daily forces your brain to resonate at this frequency even long after the listening session. The impact, hence, is residual. When your mind resonates at the theta frequency, expect the following to occur: enhanced learning, increased psychic experiences and intuition, boosted immune systems and of course, the need for less sleep.

The Corrector Technique™

At the front of your brain is a part known as the corrector. This is the section which coordinates the work of the brain and all its parts. Place you palm on your forehead; the corrector is about 3- 5 cm beneath.

In order to reach the theta state, you must learn to cool the corrector. To achieve this, you should imagine that the temperature of the corrector is lower than the temperature of the rest of your brain. First rub your forehead, and get a feel of where your corrector is. Then, try to feel it slowly freezing and turning into a block of ice. This imagination leads to the constriction of the corrector’s blood vessels. By consciously lowering the temperature of the brain, you lower your brainwave state. After doing this, you will notice that your thoughts have gone dull. Fewer thoughts and emotions cross your mind.

The brain will eventually vibrate at a lower level. At a point, no thoughts may be present anymore. This is the theta level.

The Color-Entrainment Technique ™

For the visually oriented, this technique can drop brainwave rates to theta very rapidly. The Colors Technique enables you to achieve the mental powers you have set out to possess.

Recall the colors of the rainbow? Here’s a refresher: Red, Orange Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet.

In order to achieve the theta brainwave state. You must lie down, uncross your legs and arms, and breathe in slowly. After awhile, envision in your mind’s eye any red object. See an apple, Or perhaps a red Corvette. Really visualize it three dimensionally and drink in the detail. See the shimmer, the sparkle. Hold the image for about thirty seconds then fade the picture away. Start visualizing any orange object. It can be the orange fruit or a basketball. See the ridges on the basketball. Imagine the roughness of its hide. Fade the image away then do the same for Yellow until you have reached the color Violet. At this point, your brain is vibrating at low Alpha levels. Proceed to deepen the relaxation state:

When all the colors have been visualized, imagine yourself appearing in front of a staircase that is leading downwards into the darkness. There are EXACTLY 21 steps. Step down to the first step and feel the sensation of actually stepping down. Step down onto the second step and experience the impression of descent. Do the same till the 21 st step. Upon reaching this last step, visualize a door ahead. Study it. Notice the details. Is it wood? Steel? Plastic. This is the door to your special place. A highly spiritual plane.

Open the door and imagine your dream world. It may be a lake, a mountain range, even outer space. Whatever you choose, make sure it isn’t the place where you are now. You have entered a place where you can retreat to for hours on end just to meditate, to think, to converse with whatever denizen you decide to manifest here. This is you sacred place. Your sacred place vibrates with energy. Breathe in and imagine absorbing tremendous amounts of energy. Do this for about three minutes.

Now, you are ready to being the seduction. From now on, this will also be the place where you will conduct all your mind power techniques.