Viking Magick Chants

Viking Magick Chants

Looking for real Odinist rituals? 

Here they are! Very easy to do rituals. No special tools needed, only a few candles and the special words of power. 

These rituals allow you to access the great power of the Norse Gods. Few writers know the correct words of power to call upon the powerful Gods of the North. 

Beware, use the correct chants or you could pay the price of a fool. Learn the Odin power ritual to master any blockage in your life. 

Need money call upon Frigga and watch the money pour in! ... Need Luck.. Odin can help you here as well. 

Need Love or Healing? Freya is famous for her power to heal and bring love into your life. The great Goddess SIF has brought fertility to many couples. 

A couple tried for five years, spent ten thousand dollars on doctors and were still unable to have children. Within ten days of doing the SIF Ritual, she was with child!!! Send a curse back using the Sun God Balder Ritual.. Your enemies will never bother you again. If they are still a live!! The Thor revenge ritual is so powerful I cannot speak about it here. Let Tyr protect you from general harm... 

Need super-human strength? The very rare Fenrir the Wolf ritual can help give you power you never dreamed of.... Probably the rarest of all rituals is the Mimir Ritual of Hidden Knowledge.

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