In order to allow your thoughts to manipulate your life and your environment you must see it within you using your inner vision. That is the concept of visualizing and it is the foundation of your coursework for mind power development. You must learn to see in your mindís eye. When you achieve an even more advanced state, you must be able, at will, to feel, touch and smell whatever you visualize. At this heightened level, you can influence anyone with the snap of your fingers. Make this your goal. When you see your goal in your mind as if it was actually happening, you are in effect tricking your subconscious. Your mindís eye sets off a chain reaction. This is where everything starts. Your imagination gets the ball rolling and then the part of your mind that can influence events kicks in. Holding an image in your mind is a necessary step to manifest your desires.

Mental Arousal

When you are using your mind to seduce others, remember that your clarity must be laser-sharp. What you see in your mind and the way you do it must be as clear as you can get it. You need your mind to develop a rapport with the person but once this rapport is made, your main thrust should be on the clearest manipulation of your thoughts. The previous discussion on energy, visualization set the framework of mind power seduction and control. It is within this system that the methods of Psychic Seductionô rests.


It is at this point when theory steps aside for application. You do not need to understand how things work, just know that it does. The previous discussion served merely to give a handle hold on the mysteries you will attempt to control. Before moving on to the meat and potatoes of this course, remember once more the vital concepts:

 Thought creates reality. Irrefutable evidence has proven this. Bridges, buildings, even mathematical treatises initially started out as thoughts in the minds of their inventors.

 Thought can influence the minds of others and all worldly events through visualization. The clearer the visualization, and the more involved all the senses are, the more potent the effect.

 Energy (prana, orgone) infuse thoughts with power and magnifies its effects. By manipulating energy (this will be discussed later), you will be able to generate sufficient force to create reality from thoughts.

 When reality is generated from thought, it may not be exactly the way you expected it, but it will be along the same theme. Using your mind power to create a house will not cause a house to appear out of mid-air, but it will channel events leading to the possession of a house. For instance, you may "run into" a real estate broker with a low-priced house who will sell you a charming little chalet. Your thoughts drew him to you.