Zingziber zerumbet for treating cancer without any side effects.


Zingziber zerumbet for treating cancer without any side effects.
Scientific Name : Zingziber zerumbet (Malay : Lempoyang)


Research for eight years, six researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) managed to produce plant-based natural ingredients of herbs, lempoyang for treating and preventing cervical cancer without any side effects.

Unlike typical synthetic drugs, their findings prove the materials are believed to be among the earliest products of its kind in the world that only kill specific cancer cells without interfering with other normal cells and tissues.

Lead researcher Dr Ahmad Bustamam Abdul said the materials are expected to be marketed in capsule and liquid form, can be used with other commercial and chemotherapy drugs can be taken in high doses without damaging normal tissue.

Lempoyang is of a type called ginger and ginger or wild forest, growing wild in the area of shrubs and flowering plants essentially resembles ginger.

"The material is directly useful for women who have problems with the cervix and after undergoing a pap smear, it is evident there is a sign of cervical cancer.

"It is capable of treating cancer at an early stage before turning to abnormal cancer cells and reduce dependence on synthetic drugs have side effects such as hair loss and interfere with the digestive system," he said at a press conference here yesterday.

The latest discoveries, the cost of treatment of cervical cancer patients expected to be much less expensive, as well as not to be too dependent on imported synthetic drugs and more expensive.

He said the matter was now in the stage of development of commercial class products to market and has already patented and recognized both locally and internationally.

"We hope the local pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of this discovery to market natural materials as anticancer herbal products globally," he said.

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Younger rhizomes (above picture) similar to those sold in the markets are used by us for replanting. Older rhizomes are used by us for health supplementation purposes.

Here's a research paper on the anti-inflammatory effect of lempoyang :



The aqueous extract is as effective as reference NSAIDs.


We use the lempoyang as part of our anti-inflammation diet at a dosage of 5 to 10 grams twice a week.


Here's a Bernama report on the effects of lempoyang on cervical cancer:




Readers of this blog please note that the report refers to laboratory results on laboratory animals.  Results on humans may differ significantly.  Extracts from many plants of the ginger family have been found to have cytotoxic effects on cancer cells in the laboratory but these does not necessarily translate to a cure.


Scientific Name : Zingziber zerumbet (Malay : Lempoyang)


The same plant species such as ginger. Rhizome, leaves and roots as halia. Grow wild in the plains. The flowers are beautiful. Height: 30 - 50cm of soil. Reproducing rhizome Group, and decimals.

Shower and mother paid maternity leave name "Ulam." Cleaning the skin, increased appetite, treat diarrhea, hemorrhoids, worms, eliminate, remove the wind, body. pain

The photo above the inflorescence lempoyang wild ginger or ginger plant. Ginger, as we all know, is connected to the next to a Chinese in so-called ginger. But here too there are different kinds of edible ginger, are contained in the rule making, it stands as a true "Ginger" - this case - as the group of Zingiber. Ginger in Malay. Scientifically as Zingiber officinale.


The flower is now locally known as "Shampoo" by the florist. The color of the flower depends on the location and the age of the flower. You would normally when a group of "Flowers" Some of them can be considered very large clusters with more than 20 flowers at the same time preserved. This is an annual affair.There are three common types of this flower, zinziber spectabile (Country Tepus) puberlum zinziber (dog lempoyang) and griffithil zinzerber (red) Tepus.



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